Indian media world’s second most untrusted institution : Report


By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi :According to a survey of 28 countries conducted by Edelman Trust on the behalf of World Economic Forum there has been a ‘global implosion’ in people’s trust in institutions like business, government, media and NGOs.

Indian media has attained an extremely noticeable position in the survey. It comes only second to Australian media in as far as people’s distrust in it is concerned.

While 48% respondents globally had reported trust in media in Edelman’s last survey only 43% of the respondents have reported the same this time. In 17 out of 28 polled countries trust in media has fallen to an all-time low.

According to Richard Edelman, President of Edelman Trust, “People now view media as part of the elite”.

Revelations of the report’s findings have coincided with commencement of the World Economic Forum in Davos.


  1. Bold media is nations strength while sold media is a curse for nation. Unfortunately we have literally a sold media here, with BJP govt. from day one dictating and using the media for propagating and implementing their nefarious designs. Unless the opposition unite ,the BJP will literally destroy the country s institutions.


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