India’s treatment of Muslims amid coronavirus is almost ‘genocidal’ : Arundhati Roy

Arundhadi Roy

By Muslim Mirror Desk

New Delhi : The award winning writer and rights activist Arundhati Roy accused the Indian government on Friday of exploiting the coronavirus outbreak to inflame tensions between Hindus and Muslims.

The Hindu nationalist government would “dovetail with this illness to create something which the world should really keep its eyes on.” Roy told DW.

Roy even said: “The situation is approaching genocidal.”

This crisis of hatred against Muslims,” she continued, ” comes on the back of a massacre in Delhi, which was the result of people protesting against the anti-Muslim citizenship law, she said.

The government was exploiting the virus in a tactic reminiscent of one used by the Nazis during the Holocaust, the activist claimed.


  1. What is the social contribution this lady has given? Has she helped any poor family during lockdown? Has she donated a single rupee to help poor. This lady just gives controversial statements which is published by Muslim Mirror & Pakistan.

  2. What is the social contribution this lady has given? Has she helped any poor family during lockdown? Has she donated a single rupee to help poor. This lady just gives controversial statements which is published by Muslim Mirror & Pakistan.

  3. This lady may not be resourceful enough to provide meals to poor as you exoect but she is sensitive and sincere enough to express the truth. Btw how many poor you have helped ? How meals you made available to the poor ? Be Honest !

    • That’s the job of the government. Private citizens can pitch in with what they can, and they have no obligation to flaunt their contribution.

      On the contrary, private citizens have the obligation to question the government when its policies turn fascist, not support the fascism.

  4. This lady may have given some thing to some body who is poor within her capacity which may not know, don’t you recognise her humanity.

    Ask our govt what it did with our poor, down trodden, daily wages earning labour comunity if you have any humanity left in you.

  5. Everything Mahatma Ghandi fought for has come to naught with the BJP in power. The world has seen the rise of nationalism so many times before. They’ve all perished but not after a bloodbath of unprecedented proportions. As soon as people learn that no one religion or culture is superior to another there will always be bloodbaths and nationalism. The BJP ideology is no exception. It’s time will come. The clock turns

  6. Sad some body giving so much space time to most biased be-Imaaan non praying Negativists person.She is misusing God Given faculties to insult Mother and motherland without any sense logic facts ,seeing only one biased agenda driven side of the story …insulting Nation which despite millennium of horrific Islamists , Christian Colonialists mis rule plus painful Islam based partition ,is flourishing as Secular Democracy of Billions with MuslimIndians respected on their own merit as President chief minister to sports film art stars Spouses in marriage and good neighbours..despite few few few hurting it in all ways they can..Spit hurt pelt stones to saviors now despite getting it all .Join hands as one when times are bad..Gen next will thank us all for negating such Negativists.Support ScienceFirst.Ameen Omm are one as One Divinity in All..Act behave as One to be treated respected like One..Indians .Keep faith within four walls pray silently .

  7. You have no idea what you are saying. She is a respected scholar and academic recognized worldwide. When you talk about motherland, that’s where nationalism and fascism comes from. Most Muslims living in India today became Muslims by choice when Islam was introduced to the subcontinent. By the way, nobody owns any particular religion. Religion belongs to God Almighty. And there is no place for nationalism in religion. Do you know your Sanathan Dharm.

  8. Indian Muslims have burdened Indian Economy by 50% costs in treatment and prohibition from corona. The fight against corona would have ended by now and economy back to business right after 1st lockdown. Muslims are the cause of 2nd lockdown and ruining of Indian Economy. Indians now have even stopped calling it a Chineese Virus, rather…

    • That is the fake news spread by fascist media. Unfortunately people like you are even more eager to spread the fake bullshit because of the hatred you have in your heart against Muslims. That hatred is instilled in your mind with your mother’s milk. Unless you try to know the real God who created you it is not going to go away till you are in your death bed at your old age. Everything will get clear on the Day of Judgement but it will be too late to do any good for you.

  9. In India where the most fascinaing,liberal, consistent& comprehensive constitution
    ams drafted by Dr. B.R .Ambedkar is obeyed & must be obeyed in all aspects ,whose one of fundamental rights allow all citizens to express their thoughts, factual matters& information,etc. As A. Roy appears to be very adventurous&intrepid lady who is absolutely truth-teller without any discrimination of religions, castes, creeds,etc.but ever against spreading of viruses of communalism whether commited by some parts of government system or some part of opposition parties. The spreading of hatreds,disgusts,abomination,etc. among all peoples on the basis of discrimination of religions, cases, races, creeds, economical statuses,etc is wrong&crime against constitution of India and general principles of humanity.


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