#IndiaStandWithIsrael top Twitter trends in India, BJP leader Tejasvi Surya supports Israel attack on Palestine

 By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: India’s right-wing forces including leaders of the ruling BJP party have expressed their support to what Israel have been doing in Al-Aqsa Mosque and nearby areas.

#IndiastanswithIsrael and similar hashtags were trending on top even before the launch of rocket attacks by Palestine’s resistance group, Hamas, against Israel. This indicates that India’s fascist groups and their followers take pleasure in the persecution of Muslims including unarmed Palestinians.

BJP MP Tejashvi Surya, who is infamous for his hate speeches, has also expressed his solidarity with Israel. He wrote a tweet over the same amid escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine.


Hamas on Monday fired rockets at Israeli, days after the country’s forces attacked worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque, assaulted protestors and arrested many of them.

Currently, a war-like situation has ensured between Palestinians and Israelis. Rockets are being fired from both sides. According to media reports, over 40 Palestinians including several children and at least five Israelis have been killed.

India’s right-wing government has officially not condemned Israel’s aggressive measures against Palestinians, rather the ruling party leaders are now openly supporting Israel, without acknowledging the fact that it is Israel that first resorted to violence against Palestinians.

27 thoughts on “#IndiaStandWithIsrael top Twitter trends in India, BJP leader Tejasvi Surya supports Israel attack on Palestine

  1. This is another proof of the present generation of Golwalkar followers being blind, short sighted in their hatred for Muslims. India has been a very long time champion of human rights world over since our own independence. The Jewish state of Israel built on occupied Palestinian land by the zionists has been notorious for its belligerence, suppression, tyranny. This bare fact may not known to many youth today. One should first take a look at least, before coming on the stage. This will save face of nation from embarrassment. It is not related to Muslims. India so far has been enjoying good will and world leadership for taking a principled stand on such emotional issues like apartheid, zionism, human rights suppression etc.

  2. India should neither support Israel nor Palestines because both sides are involved in violence. Instead India should appeal for peace.

    1. secular Hindu aka lying Hindu gutter rat,

      There is no equivalence here. Israel is a nuclear armed terrorist entity invading and occupying Palestine. Palestinians have every right to resist terrorist jews. India should stop acting like smelly subservient slaves to israel. You Hindus are a disgrace.

    1. Lol what a dumbfounded . Who started what, get your facts straight. Look at sheikh Jarra and attack on al-aqsa

      1. uhm, It was a jewish country before it was palestine. And the current Al Aqsa mosque stands on a destroyed Jewish religious site. Only one wall remains. I mean, doesn’t this sound very similar to something else?

        1. “mohisin ali” aka Hindu using fake Muslim name,

          Wrong on all counts, Hindu liar. Palestine has always been there. Go back to eating RSS dog shit in your whatsapp group, smelly Hindu illiterate.

    2. yogi aka Hindu goo bhakt,

      Israel is a terrorist entity which invaded and occupies Palestine. Palestine’s have every right to resist. Hindu pigs should go back to eating shit in the gutter. Thats all you pagan rats are good for.

      1. Ur are the biggest pagan…vedic civilization is the oldest and was most advanced civilization of all time..it is because of u abrahamic religion we are suffering like this..u guys used our feelings of brotherhood and friendship to subjugate and destroy our culture and civilization…same thing happened to jews..they were miserably subjugated to centuries of torture and all form of slavery..but at the same time injustice can’t be the reason for doing injustice to others..Palestinian are also made to suffer the same..

        1. SuSu aka Illiterate Hindu street rat…

          Pure nonsense, you should be a comedian. Not only are you Hindus ignorant with very low IQs, you are hopelessly stupid with the most retarded lies. You don’t even know your own history. If we wanted we could have converted you all to Islam by force but didn’t…and here are you lying about being slaves with 80% of Indians being Hindu! You are pagans with over 330000000 “gods.” The Jews whose asses you’re so fond of kissing are Abrahamic. The Jews were subjugated for centuries by pagans. They have no love for you, idiot. They call you dirty smelly pagans who don’t have toilets. Despite this humiliation, you Hindus continue to support Israel out of your hatred for Muslims, all the while taking free oxygen from Muslim countries. This is your true character, filthy hypocrites with no principles or ethics.

          Hinduism is the personification of paganism, superstition, backwardness, and utter filth. What vedic “civilization” are you babbling about? Only thing you have is the evil caste system. Because Hindus had no religion or real civilization they have an invented an artificial history based on nonsensical myths due to your inferiority complex. You jokers claim that ancient Indians were flying planes and had internet. No one takes you and your laughable lies seriously. Like 90% of Hindus, you have not read a single veda or upanishad, guess what you have not even read Mahabharata, or Ramayan. All your “knowledge” is from Hare krishna morons and Ramanand Sagars serials and RSS gau shalas!

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          1. Mr.black, you don’t even have guts to reveal your name
            Sounds like you are from Pakistan because you are humiliating india and specially Hindus.
            Chalo kuch nahi toh humne tumhe itna toh compell kar hi diya ki tum hamare vedas,ramayana and mahabharat ke bare me janete ho,varna hindu ko interest nahi terrorist ke bare me kuch bhi jaane me ,aur you are saying that you people did a favor by not forcing us to take up Islam…actually dude i think after we defeated the mughals we were the ones who didn’t force the so called converted muslims to take up Hinduism again.. we are taking free oxygen from Islamic state, dude really??please dude leave the madarssa you are studying in and go take proper education from a decent school then only you will get to know that India is the largest oxygen supplier in the world but the only problem we faced was of transportation. You talked about iq level again dude I am telling you leave the madarssa..Hindus are ruling the world. Many big companies have Hindus as their CEO. Many Indian such as Mukesh Ambani,Laxmi Mittal and Ratan tata are one of the richest businessmen in the world. Definitely you must not know this but iitians are considered to be one of the most intelligent people on this planet. Muslims countries ke pass tel hai aur jis din tel Khatam khel khatam. There are 57 muslim countries but still you can’t defeat one country (Israel).You must know about NRC and CAA,though it will still remove those Rohingya Muslims from india but wait for few more years India will be a Hindu rastra. Bhagwan na kare kabhi bhi tum logo ke sath kuch bhi bura ho and let me tell you though we want muslims to leave our country but we never want to kill you,we will help you people to leave our land by funding you. We have never ever started any fight, it’s you who start it and it’s us who finish it.Go and check India’s history the only country who has never attacked any country first.
            And the only non-muslim country were muslims are given equal rights. You know how China treats Uighurs muslims but you people don’t care to talk about it . Because baap hai tumhara.You are accusing Hindus the most secular people on this planet. We would have never considered muslims as our enemies but the way you treated our Kashmiri Pandits was miserable. It’s such a shame that people are dying of covid in our country and you are making fun of it.I think that is what your religion teaches you. Though hindus are supporting Israel but we are also sad that kids and women are dying at least we are not making fun of it.And do you know why because that is what our religion taught us. Our religion never taught us to kill people’s head and spread Hinduism. It’s better you go search about what is vasudhaiva kutumbakam or let me tell you it’s a sanskrit phrase found in hindu texts which means “the world is one family ” , so this is how Hinduism preaches peace and equality to the world,which your religion never does. You talked about caste system though it was a misfortune but it was never written in our religion but something what the society brought up and I am happy that we realized our flaws and mistakes and trying hard to modify such things, which people in your community never does like having four wives or marrying your sisters and brothers. Let me tell you how much United you muslims are ,so muslims in India and Pakistan calls it ramzan and fast for 30 days and muslims in uae calls it Ramadan and fast for 40 days , how much sunni muslims and shia muslims hate each other the world is very much aware of.
            And please go on calling RSS a terrorist group because it shows how much eager you people are to give your terrorist tag to someone not doing that same thing as you do. I gives me immense pleasure and I laugh and giggle most of the time when people from your community calls modi ,India and now even Israel terrorist. True comedians. 😂😂that’s why the world never takes you seriously. A community which never accepts LGBT people and never willing to give women their rights is calling Hindus backwards. Wow. And coming to gau shalas, Hinduism never talks about killing any living beings. We don’t eat animals and you enjoy eating halal foods. Yes we have many gods and godesses because we understand the importance of each and every small thing like we consider education as vidya and have a festival name saraswati puja.We even have a festival name vishkarma puja were people like carpenters, plumbers and even normal people do puja of the tools and vehicles. Our culture is the most diverse. Since you are reading our vedas, ramayana and mahabharat you will slowly come to know this. There are many good things about my religion but it’s useless to tell this to a duffer person like you with a constraint brain. Bhagwan tumko budhi de.🙏🙏

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    3. yogi aka hindu street rat,

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  3. Hamas is a terrorist organization, its not a political party, Hamas is attacking Israeli non combatants & civilians.
    If Muslims can hv a muslim rastra that is Pakistan, why not the Hindus hv their Hindu rastra India, Hindus are still fighting for independence, they don’t hv their homeland.

    1. sath chit anada aka Hindu gutter rat,

      Israeli is a terrorist entity occupying Palestine. Palestinians have the right to resist the invaders. Hindus like you are dirty lying filthy terrorists. The only reason Hindus are supporting israel is because you hate Muslims. The israelis consider you lower then dogs and they are correct. All Hindus should be kicked out of Muslim countries….haram khor qom of pagan animals who should be treated like trash. I’m glad covid is taking care of you animals.

      Death to sanghi bhangi terrorists!

    2. AL Qaida , Hamas , PLo , these are Muslim supported Militants

      Let me remind you about the Sri Lanka Incidence, incidences in France , Germany , Brittan all Muslim refugees entered and have destroyed the peace and harmony.

      Muslim nations have no agenda , Why Non of the so called muslin country accepted refugees
      And the whole issue is started by Hamas , a group of militants, and not by Israel .

      1. “proud Hindu” aka proud gandu,

        Another retarded Hindu donkey posting a pack of lies. You don’t know any history like a typical hindu street rat. You have no education, just hatred for Muslims, with yoru retarded broken English. Muslims will be militant with those who are militant with us. Muslims nations host millions of refugees. israeli is a terrorist state killing Palestinians and stealing their land. Palestinians have every right to defend themselves. Samja, haram zadeh?

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  4. Socho.. duniya majab se nahin chalti.. paise se chalti hain.. jiske pass paisa hain, power hain wo jo marzi kar sakta hain.. islamic countries including arab countries kamzoor hain.. isreal strong hain.. hamas waley rocket se attack karte hain Israeli cities pe.. baad mein israel zabardast bombing karta hain.. baap re baap.. civilians, including women, children ko marta hain.. pura ka pura building collapse kar jata hain.. you can’t watch this.. it’s so shocking..

    1. Nikhil manek,

      Are you on drugs. You sound like an idiot who was educated in a gau shala. israel is a nuclear armed terrorist state supported by all the world powers. Might doesnt make right. Israel will die a much worse death then Hitler’s Germany..

    1. Hindu terrorists will always support israel…. even then israelis call hindus dirty pagans. I see it on twitter all the time…its funny seeing how pathetic and slavish Hindus are….

  5. This black Muslim guy who sleep with their sisters marry them they can’t even dare to do anything when our friend Israel killed their more than 200 terrorist.their sisters give birth to mosquitoes n they will die like Machar.israel is lion king not coward mosquitoes

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