Indore: Guyanese President HE Mohammed Irfaan Ali converted the official visit into a business opportunity for Guyanese business delegation

L-R, Guyanese President HE Mohammed Irfaan Ali , Indian American businessman, Lutfi Syed Hassan and former chairman of CII, Madhya Pradesh, Mr Praveen Agarwal.

By Special Correspondent

Guyanese President HE Mohammed Irfaan Ali converted the official visit into a business interactive opportunity for Guyanese business delegation.


President Mohammed Irfaan Ali was focused on educating the audience of the humongous investment opportunities Guyana offers to friendly nations like India in many facets of developments taking place in the Co-Operative Republic of Guyana.

Indian American businessman, Lutfi Syed Hassan, remained one of the key movers behind the grand event held at The Park Hotel Indore. Mr Hassan serves as the Honorary Consul General to the Southwestern United States. Along with Mr Hassan, former chairman of CII, Madhya Pradesh, Mr Praveen Agarwal also one of the prominent faces of the Business Meet which saw the participation of as many as over 50 successful Indian firms participated in the Business Meet.

Business community from Guyana and India attending the Meet.

A day after the business meet, MoUs were signed between Guyanese & Indian manufacturing companies as a precursor to many other positive developments to follow through.

“The key is for all these successful Indian firms who attended Meet .. to visit Guyana in the near future to monetize on the opportunities the president has laid out. There is a new awakening taking place about Guyana across the world. The sooner you get there, the better it is for companies to situate themselves in the most business friendly environment the beautiful country of Guyana offers,” the co-organizer, Mr Hassan stated.

On the sidelines of the Meet President Ali attended a lunch meeting  with the PM Modi  on 9th January and an award ceremony was  felicitated to him by the President on 10th January.

Meanwhile, President Ali on Thursday was honored for his hard work, dedication, and responsible approach to leadership and development with an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy and Management Studies.

The degree was conferred to him by his alma mater, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi, India during a special ceremony.

During his 5 days official visit the President visited Indore, Delhi, Kanpur and Bangalore.

Guyana received a huge boost in terms of recognition as the top emerging economies of the world with a 57% GDP growth last year.

Hassan, a resident of Houston, Texas for the past 40 years originally hails from Hyderabad and has been associated with Democratic Party for the past 28 years.


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