Indore Muslim bangle seller lynching: SDPI register FIR against preparators

Muslim bangle seller being beaten

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Indore : In another attempt of mob lynching, a Muslim bangle seller, Taslim, was looted and mercilessly beaten up by a group of Hindu men in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore.


In a video that went viral on social media, some saffron-clad men can be seen brutally beating and abusing a young man. In the broad daylight, all the goods or bangles he was carrying with him were looted, thrown away, or distributed among people who were standing there as mute spectators.

The man while beating Taslim can be heard saying, “Don’t come to our areas or any Hindu area, sisters loot him”, “Musalman Saale katwe, ek ek sab maaro isko”.

The other man who was recording the video instigated others to beat the young man saying, “Bhaisaab aap kya muh dekh rhe hi, apki behen betiyon ko karega, jab karoge kya?”

Taslim kept pleading for his life and asked them to spare him, “I will not come here again, please let me go.”

The incident happened in the Gobind colony of Indore. The area is said to be Hindu majority and the man alone went there to sell his goods.

After the incident happened, Taslim went to the nearest police station with his complaint but was returned by police allegedly saying that “if they did it, you should run for your life. You will not get your goods as they have been distributed to the people, if you go back to them they will not leave you alive.”

SDPI workers with Taslim at Central Kotwali, Indore.

A team of SDPI leaders took Taslim with them and  went to  Central  Kotwali and registered an FIR in this matter against the perpetrators.

Police complaint was registered on behalf of the young man only after the outrage and putting pressure on the officials.

Earlier, a group of social workers protested outside central Kotwali of Indore against the incident, and then the complaint was registered late at night.

People who were involved in the incident can be seen clearly in the video but the complaint was lodged against unknown persons under section 14 of IPC including 147, 298, 153A, 120B, and 395.



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