Innovative staircase of Sameer Bagwan wins heart of Anand Mahindra


By Imran Inamdar

Video of Sameer Bagwan and his foldable staircase are  being admired on social media platforms widely.

This fabricator has successfully designed a low cost folding staircase,video of this went viral in minutes and  trending on social media.

The CEO of mahindra and mahindra company noticed the invention and cheered him up by tweeting .

Sameer  is an owner of a small fabrication welding shop in Ahmednagar. He undertakes  the orders of  steel and iron furniture and other items.

As soon as the construction work  began at site, people started complaining about the ladder which was an  obstacle for padestrians and

Considering the site conditions  sameer decided to make a 14 x 12 size foldable ladder and he within ten days at the cost of only 25 thousand rupees he made the staircase.

Sameer  Ishaque Bagban a 31 year old fabricator  is originally from Ahmed Nagar city. Interestingly this skilled young man  has no relevant qualification, diploma or certification in the field of fabrication, however he managed to complete education till 10 th std.

Sameer is running his firm “Darbar Fabrication” since 5 years.

During conversation with Muslim Mirror Sameer said that our fixed stair case was obstructing padestrians, owner of the firm requested us resolve the issue by doing some Jugad, I took it as a challenge, after four days work and discussion with my partners Eijaz Khan and  Asif Pathan we decided to make this staircase foldable.

As we make and design foldable tables and other items, we thought we should try foldable staircase too, and Alhamdulillah we did it. Now it is functioning normally, Sameer added.

Sameer thanked Industrialist Anand Mahindra for his tweet and expressed happiness, he says, I am feeling myself fortune that such high profile person of the country and renowned industrialist has taken note of my work and  praised the idea.

He  further said after Mahindra sir’s tweet I started receiving  calls continuously from friends, relatives and media persons.


  1. Sameer u have done a tremendous job by making folding stair. Congratulations to u. Hope u will carry on with doing something new

  2. Nice work. you can make it power operated too,if need. But load at hinges for the life and entire load to be as close to wall as possible.


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