Inspiration : Yet no time to be old

By Bushra Salahuddin

You are an Entire Ocean
You’re a Deep Soul
You are the highest of the skies
You are the essence of your life!

To these powerful ladies and to many Others!
Your Wisdom is Wiser than Ever
Your Spirit is Bolder than Bold
Your Humour is more Humorous
Yet no time to be Old!

An Inspiration- the strength through which a shattered world shall emerge into light, empowers a soul to not just breathe but to live with some passion, little compassion, some humour and a bit of style.

The growing pathetic condition of women-their shattering dissent and dignity and bruised souls leaving many in a state of helplessness brings me and many of us here “A Pen rather Keypad of the times, Mightier than a sword”, to write and pour out thoughts on this sensitivity as a resort to the matter.
With lows and highs; with mirth and laughter; with life full of moments of impact and how they change our lives forever. The strength lies in overcoming the challenges to cross the dooms. At the Same Time-here lies theirs’ to them, mine to me; to the ones through whom we have all come to be, The mothers!

Strength is where Passion is, it’s where Determination is, Where there are Tales of Struggles with Smiles for our vincibility because it’s rightly said “Even a White Rose has a Black Shadow.”

At The Same Time

At the Same time I wanna hug youI

Ianna coil my hands around your neck

At the Same time I wanna plunge into your overwhelming personality

I wanna fondle the intense zeal in you

I can hold you at your weakest I want you to be the strongest

I can see you at your ugliest I want you to be the charmest

At the same time I vaguely convey, the togetherness I wanna hold, even when you grow old

We need not be perfect because Love isn’t impeccable

At the same time It needs to be true
At the same time I always wanna care for you!

To all the women out there- the strong ones, the silently resilient ones, the sensitive and conscious caretakers and To the Ideal Figure of my Life..
Let’s not forget them all!


Bushra Salahuddin is a final year student pursuing Masters in English Literature at the Department of English, Aligarh Muslim University.

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