‘Internal alliance’ between Yogi and Owaisi: Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan, a prominent Muslim cleric and chief of the Ittehad-e-Millat Council party (IMC), has alleged an ”internal alliance” between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), Sahafat, an Urdu newspaper reported.

”There is an internal alliance between Yogi and Owaisi. The latter will directly be helped by the BJP to communalise upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh,” he added.


Khan added there are many political parties in UP but Yogi has accepted the challenge of Owaisi only. It indicates a link between them.

The IMC party, as he said, wants to have an alliance with the party that promises to form a ”riots commission” after coming to power. If any major political party does agree on that then a third front will be set up by uniting all small parties in the state, he added.

The party has a support base in Bareilly and nearby areas.


  1. Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan is simply unhappy that if Owaisi fields a candidate, most Muslims will vote for him, rather than the candidate he endorses and supports. These type of maulanas never want Muslims to independently vote for whoever they want. I will say it agian to these idiotic votes, stop begging for muslim votes in the name of “SECULAR” votes.

  2. Think for a moment. The logic of depriving opposition parties of Minority votes, goes directly to the benefit of BJP. The way constituencies are created can never allow sizeable number of Muslim candidates to win. History of democracy over last 70 years shows that Religion based Muslim parties can never make big gains. It has always helped the Hindu parties.


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