International watercolor festival held in Bangladesh


By Mutasim Billah,

Dhaka, Bangladesh: An international watercolor festival was launched at the Shilpakala Academy in capital Dhaka on Tuesday that saw participation from more than 475 artists from 47 different countries.

The International Watercolor Society of Bangladesh (IWS Bangladesh) organized the event in cooperation with the Shilpakala Academy.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency about the exhibition, Turkish Ambassador Devrim Ozturk said art had no boundary.

“We believe art is a very powerful tool in bringing together all nations. Turkey has a long history of art, culture. In the interaction of culture, we all get the benefit, furthermore, we enhance our own culture.”

Atanur Dogan, the founder and the president of International Watercolor Society, said: “We are happy to have the watercolor festival in Bangladesh for the first time.

“Bangladeshi people are very friendly and hospitable nation; [there are] a lot of similarities between Turkish nations.”

Kauser Hossain Masud, the country head of IWS Bangladesh, told Anadolu Agency: “I have been drawing watercolor painting for 30-35 years; this is the biggest festival I have seen in Bangladesh…Through this exhibition everyone can see the pictures of foreigners around the globe; we can also develop the culture of our own country.

“Foreign artists will see our work and they know our creative activities.”

The theme chosen for the first exhibition biennale and painting tour is “waves of colors”. The theme aims to create public awareness on environmental issues through photographs and film media.

The festival will be followed by a painting tour which will take international participants to various locations across Bangladesh to learn about its rich history, heritage and the culture of the country.

The IWS was founded in 2012 in Turkey by Atanur Dogan with the aim to promote peace through the universal language of art. It already has branches in 88 countries and connects over four million watercolor artists and art lovers across the globe through social media.



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