Intra-versity seminar held on poet-philosopher Iqbal in Jamia

Jamia Millia Islamia
Jamia Millia Islamia

By MM News,

New Delhi, Dec 3, 2015: A one-day intra-university seminar on poet-philosopher Iqbal’s life and works was organised by Department of Urdu, Jamia Millia Islamia on November 30, 2015.


Numerous high-quality papers were presented by undergraduate students of the Department. Papers presented in the seminar included Iqbal ki shairi mein tanz ka unsar (Element of sarcasm in Iqbal’s poetry) by Saifur Rahman, Iqbal ki hubbul watani (Iqbal’s patriotism) by Huma Farheen, Iqbal: Swaneh aur shakhsiyat (Iqbal: Life and personality) by Shahnawaz Ahmad, Iqbal ka tasavvur-e taleem (Iqbal’s concept of education) by Samreen, Iqbal ka paigham-e harkat-o inquilab (Iqbal’s message of dynamism and change) by Tasneem Abid, Iqbal ki nazm goi (Iqbal’s poems) by Qaisar Jahan, and Kalam-e Iqbal ki asri maanviyat (Significance of Iqbal’s poetry in the contemporary world) by Basharat Kareem.

The paper-reading session was followed by interesting debate and discussion triggered by questions from the audience. Tasneem Abid, Mohd. Akram, Asadullah, Saba Ayyub, Razia Sultana, Abdul Wahid and Aqeel Azhar participated in the discussion among others.

Commenting on the papers, Prof. Wahajuddin Alvi, the head of the Department, said: “Contrary to the common belief; Iqbal never propounded the idea of Pakistan. He was a messenger of the human dignity and esteem whose idea of nationalism transcends beyond borders.” He further pointed out that religion is not an offshoot of literature.

Prof. Kausar Mazhari told that Iqbal’s canvas of thought and philosophy is very vast and his entire poetry is inspired from the Holy Quran.

The convener of the seminar Prof. Shahzad Anjum, lauding the scholars who presented their papers said that he was hopeful that the path of future is determined by signs that the seminar manifested. “The objective of the seminar is to nourish the literary temper of the students,” said he.

Commending participants’ works, Dr. Suhail Ahmad Farooqi said, “It is the hallmark of Jamia that students are encouraged and guided to carry out research activities. Some students have made an attempt to make their papers heavy with quotes and jargon which is not required.” He also advised the scholars to refrain from making tall, unsupported claims.

Towards the conclusion, Dr. Khalid Mubashshir thanked the scholars and participants. “Today’s seminar hasn’t concluded, rather it’s a new beginning,” averred he. “Those who got a chance to present papers should not settle and be complacent with their performance rather they should keep striving for the better. And those who could not get a chance should not lose heart as there will be more such seminars held in the future and this tradition will be upheld.”

On this occasion amongst the teachers Prof. Khalid Mahmood, Prof. Shehpar Rasool, Prof. Ahmad Mahfooz, Dr. Khalid Jawed, Dr. Nadeem Ahmad, Dr. Imran Ahmad Andaleeb, Dr. Sarwarul Hoda, Dr. Musheer Ahmad, Dr. Aadil Hayat, Dr. Anwarul Haq, Dr. Shadab Alam, Dr. Mohd. Akbar, Dr. Shadab Tabassum, Dr. Mohd. Samee, Dr. Sultana Wahidi, Dr. Farha Jawed, Dr. Mohd Adam, Dr. Hasan Jawed and Dr. Fakhr-e Alam and amongst the research scholars Saqib Imran, Abdur Rahman and Mohd. Muqeem were present apart from many M.Phil., MA and BA students. Fareeduddin conducted proceedings of the seminar.


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