Iran condemns Israeli régime’s plan to annex West Bank  

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

By Special  Correspondent

New Delhi:  Condemning the planned annexation of West Bank by Israel’s regime, the Islamic Republic of Iran on Tuesday urged the  world community  to take a firm stand against unlawful  move of  Zionist entity and its aggressive behavior against the people of Palestine.  Expressing complete solidarity with occupied Palestine, Iran said she is the most prone nation to violation, suffering and denial of human rights and other forms of atrocities in the world.


In a statement of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran said  the world community is witnessing some flagrant announcements by Israeli regime for more annexation and broadening its aggressive behavior.

“This time, the Israeli regime is trying to swallow the West Bank as another move to seize and to extend its sovereignty over the occupied Palestinian lands.”

Such an attitude in fact, could be seen throughout the history of the Israeli regime and its illegal actions in occupying Palestinian lands and annexation of territories belonging to other neighboring countries since 1948, it underlined.

 Going through various records including the media reports, one could see that since then the Middle East and in particular the Palestinians have never witnessed even a single day of peace and tranquility and those leaving in this part of the world have continuously been subject to extensive sufferings resulting from continued occupation, land confiscation, religious discrimination and forced displacement, it further pointed out.

 Without taking the name of certain Arab nations,  Iran said the  people of Palestine are the real victims of conflicts of interests and regional politics of big powers in the form of establishing an artificial notorious regime which has been the root cause of most of the conflicts and tensions in the Middle East and part of the North Africa and West Asia.

Ironically, this regime which must be hold on account for all misery of Palestinians as well as those in other part of the region, has upped the ante by labeling their victims as terrorists and justifying its subsequent aggression against neighbors and occupation of their lands as preemptive measures for the sake of peace, the statement added.

 Iran also slammed the US president Donald Trump for his pronouncements on Palestine.

“In fact, the illegal annexation of the West Bank in Occupied Palestinian territories including all of East Jerusalem as part of the so-called “Deal of the Century”, announced preliminarily by the U.S. President Donald Trump on Jan 28, 2020, is nothing than another flagrant move to ignore the rules of international law, the decisions of the United Nations and the basic rights of Palestinians as the main and lawful inhabitants of these territories.”

All of this comes in the face of gross and systematic human rights violations by Israel regime which hypocritically has been embellished as real democracy in the region.

In fact, the Israel’s regime is trying to enforce its plans to seize and extend its sovereignty over the occupied land. That is why this annexation can be described as a creeping annexation, a gradual annexation that will only end by swallowing all of the West Bank.”

“Unfortunately and in spite of all protests and condemnation by various countries and regional bodies in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America, the Israeli regime is notoriously carrying out this annexation on July 1, making another proof that it could never renounce its hostile and racial attitude towards its neighbors and the people of Palestine,” the statement said.

 Iran warned that “if these objections end simply with hollow statements,  the Israelis  regime will become more aggressive and the Middle East will remain in turmoil more than ever. Therefore, the world community is expected to take a firm stand against unlawfully move to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, which would threaten peace and security in the region.

However, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu hinted to Likud lawmakers during Monday’s faction meeting that Israel will not begin moving forward with annexing parts of the West Bank on July 1 while his Defense Minister Benny Gantz said “July 1 is not a sacred date.”


  1. If you read Islamic history, it is full of capturing other’s land, raping women & force conversions. Hence, Allah has punished muslims by starting Palestine conflict.


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