Iranian Cultural Exhibition at Insight International School


unnamed (1)By Muslim Mirror News,

Hyderabad – April 03, 2014: Insight International School has announced inauguration of a two-day cultural exhibition in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran today at the school premises in Al-Hamra Colony, Shaikpet, Hyderabad.


 Senior Counsel of Iranian Consulate at Hyderabad Mr. Ali Paryad has inaugurated the exhibition, and expressed his gratitude to the school management for inviting him for the programme.

 “India-Iran relations go back to thousands of years in the history and hence we have lots of commonalities in both our culture especially with the Islamic culture,” noted Mr. Paryad.

 “This Exhibition of Iranian Historical Monuments and Iranian Culture though it does not make you visit the country physically but by seeing these beautiful Nature of the other part of the world make you feel as if you have visited in person.”

 He also emphasized the importance of education quoting Prophet of Islam Mohammed (pbuh) who told “seek knowledge even if you have to travel to China.” He added Imam Khomeini had said that teaching is a profession of prophets.

unnamed “Knowledge is called as light in the heart once your heart gets the light of knowledge your body will also get enlightened,” he said while also quoting a few verses on education and knowledge from the poems of renowned Iranian poets.

 The exhibition showcases the glorious monuments, vibrant culture and amazing natural beauty of the Republic of Iran. Documentary on Iran and award-winning children’s movies are also the part of this exhibition.

 Insight International School Principal Ms Syeda Khadeja says:

“International exposure, awareness and understanding of different cultures across the world are among the core elements of Insight International School’s philosophy and approach.

 “An important programme to achieve this objective is the collaboration with different embassies and consulates. We are happy to announce the first activity of this series; an Insight exhibition in association with the Iranian Consulate on3rd and 4th April 2014.”

 Insight International School CEO Mr. Mansoor Kaleem says:

“We try to make our students exposed to different cultures across the world. We look at Iran as a country sharing some very important ideals and ethos that Insight believes in.”

 “Through this cultural exhibition, we want to offer opportunity to our students to understand Iran and its culture, and know about Iran’s marvelous past, well defined present and illustrious future.”

 The students of other schools are also being invited to help promote the values of International Awareness and Universal Understanding in the student community, the qualities that Insight International School holds sacred for its students.

 The exhibition will be open to parents of Insight International School on 3rd and 4th April 2014 between 12:30pm and 3:00 pm.

 About Iran:

Iran is the second largest nation in the Middle East and 18th largest in the world. Iran played vital role in the Islamic Golden Age, producing numerous influential scientists, scholars, artists and thinkers. It hosts Asia’s fourth largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Globally, it ranks 8th in the world for the amount of books published per year, and was ranked first in scientific progress in the world in 2011.

 About Insight International School:

Insight provides quality international education with an Islamic orientation. The school follows Cambridge International Education/IGCSE Syllabus. It won School Brilliance Award (by IBCI) and International School Award (by British Council). The school started in June 2012.


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Shaikpet, Hyderabad – 500008

# Phone: 040 6555 1905; Fax: 040 2356 5192


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