Islamophobia: After “Love Jihad, “Land Jihad” and “UPSC Jihad”, now ‘Sex Jihad’ in India

By Syed Ali Mujtaba

A viral video is doing rounds on social media, where a JEE, NEET coach is heard saying that Muslim youth show porn and adult videos to Hindu youth and then also teach them how to masturbate.

Lalit Sardana who had bagged All India Rank 243 in IIT JEE and since 1997 coaches students for JEE, NEET, and other entrance exams has alleged that Muslims are waging sex Jihad in India. He also said the Muslim youth are doing this to what he called “diminish the sexual power of Hindu youth.”

In the two-minute video, the tutorial coach claimed that Muslims have launched ‘Sex Jihad’ in India. “Do remember my words the ensuing days will prove me right that this is a “Sex Jihad”, he is seen telling in the video.

Sardana also alleged that the directors, producers, and actors in the adult movie web series are all Muslims.  “After watching these movies when Hindu youth get excited, the Muslims show them how to masturbate. This is done to “diminish” their sexual power”, he is seen telling purportedly to his students in the video.

“These movies are shown to Hindu youth. After watching these movies, they get excited and search for partners to have a sexual relationship with, and in case they don’t get one, they masturbate”, he said.

“This is the new game plan. The purpose of ‘Sex Jihad’ is to destroy Hindu youth and diminish their potency and fertility power”, he said.

“Hindu girls also watch these web series and these girls then involve in ‘illicit’ relationship”, he said, adding that’s the reason Hindu girls get attracted to Muslim youth.

Lalit Sardana has a YouTube channel ‘Sardana Tutorials’ @studyadda. He teaches IIT-JEE advance to students online. Here he explains how ‘Muslim youth’ teach ‘Hindu youth’ to masturbate by showing Adult/Porn movies to reduce their sexual powers. He says it’s the new #Jihad.

Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at

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  1. This video is made to promote Lalit Sardana’s channel. His channel is since 2010 Feb 28. I went through most of the videos, but didn’t find anything against Muslims, mostly.

    Recently his channel is not doing good, so this is a marketing strategy of this channel to increase it viewership. You are being used by these marketing stratgists, most probably. Wallah alam bis sawab.

    Syed Wasi Imam

  2. Whether Hindu or Muslim such vulgarity must be made to stop. Unfortunately supreme court of India has allowed sexual autonomy and turned down the complaint of husband against his wife in live-in relationships with other man living with him.

  3. Ohh come on what is so wrong about mastrubation like come on man, we all are human at some point of life there’s no one that never ever watched a porn or mastrubated, let the people Live peacefully muslim or not but we all are humans…..get that in to that skull.

    PS: I’m just pointing out the fact. Don’t nag me later.

    And I’m a Hindu too I watch porn I mastrubate, not because of I’m friends with muslims but it’s because I wanted to do.

  4. The whole focus of their lives is Muslim and Islam LMAO
    A Muslim is obligated to follow so many rules and duties by Islam praying namaz and doing dhikr, whereas the Hindu Kufars have nothing to follow their religion is dead and does not have anything to offer other than hate. These hate mongers will be soon overpowered and driven to hell.

    May Allah guide us all.


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