Islamophobia on rise in UK : 4 British Muslim MP’s threatened through suspicious letters


London : In an incident of Islamophobia, four Muslim Labour MPs have been sent suspicious packages in United Kingdom, including letters that advocate violence against Muslims.

MP Rupa Huq, was the latest to receive the letter. Earlier, similar copies were also received by MPs’ Rushanara Ali, Mohammad Yasin and  Afzal Khan.

A member of Huq’s staff has been taken to hospital as a precaution after opening the letter, which the MP said contained a “sticky substance” that the police had described as “low-level noxious.”

Talking to Guardian Huq said “It is to put the frighteners on us but we won’t be cowed. I’m sure I won’t be the last and I’m sure this is part of a pattern of targeting Muslim MPs. Among my colleagues, people have shown support but they are outraged.”

A parliamentary spokesman confirmed four packages had been sent to the building in recent days and said police were investigating the latest package.



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