Israel attack on Palestine : India must summon Israeli ambassador to convey feelings of millions of Indians  


By Special Correspondent

New Delhi:  As Israel’s brutal aggression continued  against unarmed Palestinians in occupied Gaza strip and Jerusalem, about 100 Indian civil society groups and prominent individuals including MPs, journalists and activists on Wednesday said India and the world must not remain silent spectators. They called upon the government of India to summon the Israeli envoy and convey the feelings of millions of peace and justice loving citizens of this country. They also demanded immediate halt to inhuman and uncivilised actions of the Zionist entity.  They have issued a declaration, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people’s resistance against Israel’s annexation plan and crimes against humanity.


They have demanded from the government of India to summon the Israeli envoy and convey the feelings of millions of citizens. They have also urged the government to use its good offices in pressurizing the Israeli government to immediately halt its violent and outrageous actions against the Palestinians.

Jointly undersigned by civil society organizations and individuals of India


  • This declaration is intended to express the mind-numbing pain currently being felt by all the justice and peace loving people of India, due to the outrageous, inhuman and uncivilized actions of the Israeli regime against the Palestinians. The enforced displacement of the Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrahneighborhood and other localities to enable settler colonialism and the storming of Al Aqsa mosque by the Israeli police during the auspicious month of Ramadan and the resultant injuries to the scores of peaceful worshippers has sent waves of shock and trauma in the Muslim communities and the whole civilized world.
  • The signatories of this declaration believe that the actions of Israeli regime constitute racism and apartheid. Such actions find backing neither from the international laws nor the universal values of a civilized society. Except for the racist laws which the Israeli regime takes pride in, no human society can condone such barbaric and inhuman deeds. Especially, the provocation by armed forces leading to violence, chaos and repression of the occupied population, during the times of a pandemic is a serious crime against humanity. Hence, it is incumbent upon the United Nations, International Court of Justice, Justice loving countries of the world, Human Rights Organizations, NGOs, media houses, activists etc to take cognizance of the situation and exert maximum pressure to make the Israeli regime mend its ways.
  • The sanctity of Masjid Al Aqsa, the third holiest mosque in Islam, knows no bounds in the hearts of the believers. Any irresponsible action violating the sanctity of the site shall have a global repercussion. Hence, the government of Israel must be well cautious to not attempt any such mis-adventure.
  • The signatories of this declaration call upon the government of India to summon the Israeli envoy and convey the feelings of millions of peace and justice loving citizens of this country. The government of India is requested to use its good offices in pressurizing the Israeli government to immediately halt its violent and outrageous actions against the Palestinians.
  • The signatories of this declaration call upon the Israeli government to immediately halt its inhuman and racist policies by restoring the sanctity of Masjid Al Aqsa and ordering to stop the evictions of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and elsewhere.
  • This declaration calls for immediate ceasefire and restoration of peace.

Following organizations and individuals have signed the declaration

  1. All indiamuslimMajlis e Mushawarat
  2. All india Muslim Personal law Board
  3. Jamaat E islami Hind
  4. JamiatulUlma Hind
  5. Jamiat e AhleHadees
  6. Maulana Syed jalaluddinUmrisb – Chairman Sharia council, India
  7. Ashok Bharti, Chairman, All India AmbedkarMahasabha , Delhi.
  8. MrsUzmaNaheed , chairperson , IIWA
  9. Maulana khaledSaefullahRahmanisb – General secretary AIMPLB
  10. Maulana SajjadNomanisb – spokesperson of All India Muslim Personal Law Board
  11. Janab Syed Sadatullahhussainisb – President JIH
  12. Dr John Dayal , Gen Sec , Indian Catholics council
  13. NavaedHamedsb President AIMMM
  14. JanabSyed Jalal HyderNaqwisb – VP all India Shia council.
  15. DrZafarulislam khan sb – Ex. Chairman of Delhi Minority Commission, author and journalist based in New Delhi.
  16. shakeel Ahmad khan (MLA) – Secretary AICC
  17. Maulana TauqirRazasb
  18. Maulana Abdul HameedNomanisb
  19. Hafiz Syed Ather Ali sb ,NazimJameaMihammadia , Mumbai .
  20. JanabMahmoodDaryabadi , VP , Ulema council mumbai.
  21. aporvanand
  22. anjalisen
  23. Prof Akhterulwasey , VC , udaepur University.
  24. Prof HaseenaHashiya , VP , Milli council,
  25. Syed NaseerHussain,  MP, Indian National Congress l
  26. Ml mufti Razeqsb .JamiatulUlema Hind ,
  27. adityanigam
  28. MrKanwar Danish, MP.
  29. shudhbrtasengupta
  30. MrMdSaleem , CPIM , Ex MP . kolkata ,
  31. biswajit bora
  32. meghanadbose – quint
  33. MrAsaduddinowaisi MP Hyderabad
  34. Ml MohsinTaqwisb , Imam o Khatib e Jumaa, Shia Jame masjid Delhi .
  35. DrManzoorAlam , Sec Gen , All India Milli council.
  36. zakiralityagi
  37. hilmikabeer
  38. sheebaaslamfehmi
  39. nadeem khan – united against hate
  40. Salman ahmed – president SIO of India
  41. S Q R Ilyas – president welfare party of india
  42. Malik Motasim Khan – Gen Sec. APCR
  43. kaushik raj young poet
  44. ayush shah
  45. Mr Ravi Niar
  46. SrJournalist .
  47. Mr Anil Chamadiaji .Srjournalist .
  48. Laeeq ahmed – democracy dialogue
  49. Anees Ahmad, National General Secretary. Popular Front of India
  50. K. Faizy. National President(SDPI) Social Democratic Party of India
  51. S. Sajid, National President, Campus Front of India
  52. mitali shah
  53. Mufti HanifAhrar, National General Secretary, All India Imams Council
  54. AnsarIndori, NCHRO,Advocate
  55. Syed anasabdullah ,Human welfare council
  56. MonisaQadiri, IUST, Faculty member
  57. NiveditaMenon, JNU
  58. Zakir Ali Tyagi, National confederation of Human rights organization (NCHRO) Journalist,Human rights Activist.
  59. ShuddhabrataSengupta, Artist and Writer
  60. Shamseer Ibrahim – president Fraternity Movement
  61. Rahul Singh, Freelance Business
  62. ShaheenNazar, Clarion India, Journalist
  63. FarooqHussainBhat, IUST, Academic
  64. Yusra, Miranda House,Student
  65. PoojanSahil, Musician and Educator
  66. Richa Sharma, Researcher
  67. Mohdfazil, scholar, jamiamilliaislamia
  68. Somak Paul. Assistant Professor
  69. Mehdi HasanAiniQasmi, Deoband Alumni Federation (TanzeemAbna E Madaris Welfare Educational Trust ) Chairmain
  70. UmerIqbal, Department of Journalism and mass communication Ph. D. Scholar
  71. Rufsana Begum, Education Development Association India
  72. Nikhatfatima , Civil liberties monitoring committee, Lawyer
  73. Bareeraeiman, civil society of India
  74. AbdulhafizLakhani Editor
  75. SharifaSiddiqui, United Citizens Forum
  76. ParvinLasania Counseling Psychologist
  77. ShibaMinai UCF Journalist/Activist
  78. RushdaSiddiqui, Delhi Mahila Federation Working President
  79. Mohammed Hanief, CIWS Lawyer
  80. Lateef Mohammed Khan, Civil liberties Monitoring Committee, General Secretary
  81. Aditya Nigam, CSDS Delhi
  82. Kashif Mohammad IAMC
  83. Mohammad Asif, India Today Group
  84. Biswajit K Bora Delhi University
  85. Aaris Mohammed, Center for Social and Constitutional Studies
  86. Javed Ali khan – former M.P Rajyasbha


  1. We condemn killing of any innocent human being. But we can’t blame only Israel for recent violence because Hamas has first started it & launched rockets. In such cases Israel has full rights of self defense. Hence, there is no need to summon Israel ambassador. Instead OIC should appeal Hamas to stop such violence.

  2. all are usual suspects….Muslims and anti nationals like Apporvanand and John Dayal, Arundhati type. We reject their protest with disdain that they all deserve.


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