It is Islam that has given the guarantee of fundamental rights for the first time in human history: Prof Samdani

Prof Shakeel Samdani addressing the gatherings.


Aligarh: Observing that the ‘Charter of Madina’ and the last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) at Hajj clearly protects the human rights of every section of the society, AMU’s Prof Shakeel Samdani has said it is not the West but Islam that has given the guarantee of fundamental rights for the first time in human history.

“It is wrong to say that the concept of human rights was given to the world by the West. In fact, Islam has given the guarantee of fundamental rights for the first time in the known history of the world,” Prof Samdani of the Department of Law, Aligarh Muslim University (AMI) said at a symposium here.

The symposium ‘Human Rights: Preservation and Violation’ was organized by Al Barakat Institute of Education and People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Aligarh.


About 80 to 100 million people were killed and innumerable number of people was injured during the two World Wars, which happened in Europe due to the wrong policies of the European countries, he pointed out, adding, “In comparison to these wars, if we count the causalities during the life time of the last Prophet, we find that only around one thousand people were killed. This shows that Islam is very sensitive about human life and careful about the protection of human rights.”

Dr Mohibul Haq, general secretary, PUCL said that since 1992 to 2010 about 5 lakh farmers committed suicide in India. “It means their rights are violated. The corrupt politicians and bureaucrats together are violating human rights of masses,” he said.

Chief Guest Zafar Alam, Assistant Commandant, RAF, said that the Para military forces are trying their best to preserve and protect the rights of the people. He said, “Due to poverty and illiteracy the people are suffering. There is a need to sensitize people about human rights.”

Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, joint secretary, Al Barakat Education Society, said that the protection of human rights can only be insured by applying Islamic laws on the society. He said that Al Barakat Education Society is preparing the students in such a way that they may become a good citizen and be the protector of human rights in the country.


  1. I agree to it, recent news in us, ferguson, New York, Michael brown, Eric garner show racism is big in US. Anybody living in Texas know those.
    In Islam, there is no race, no caste whatsoever. Everyone is equal in front of Allah, be in UAE king, pope, bush, be it some unknown from Africa. Let treat everyone equally based on their character, not by skin color.

    • For today, my comprehensive comment is summarized in the following YouTube video, albeit in Indian Urdu, not in English of any kind. Enjoy! Have fun! MM readers “emote” more than “rebut”. It does not hurt by what you say, no matter how bitter, but how you say it. My selection for today foots the bill squarely. If you disagree, try to grasp/digest the “message” behind it (for me, it was informative), and say it in your words; it may take several screens/pages, I say, at least for me, because neither Hindi nor English is my first language. I studied both in India for 7 years.

  2. Thanks to Al Barakat Institute of Education and People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Aligarh for organizing such program. Thanks to speakers including Prof. Samdani and Dr. Mohibul Haq for delivering lectures on this occasion. The problem is that we have best religion called Islam but we may have turned to worst followers called Muslims otherwise we could have cared about implementing the Islamic principles and laws related to human rights, social laws, politics, economy and commerce to protect human beings from corruption. We as Muslims are not even in a position to safeguard poor Muslims who are tapped for conversion of religion with meager greed. What out scholastic aptitude has to do for rescuing the poor Muslims falling under pray of communal organizations? Just we need to think how can we enforce good teachings of Islam. Where is system of Baitulmal or Shura for better governance?

  3. You raised very good points. Some Nobe Peace Prize winner/awardee, from South Africa, in Q/A session said, “Faith is good,faith allful is bad.”George B. Shaw (UK), winner of literature Nobel Prize, wrote, “Islam is the best religion, but Muslims are the worst people”. Both, one blagfck, the other white covered the world, I thinki How to execute it?
    Start from self, spouse, children, neighbors, wider society. Emphasize what are related to “huquq-ul-Ibad”. Leave “huquq-ul-Allah” for later. Never give anything to anyone for free. Pay for service. Rest later.

  4. Yes prof, but why no equal right to women. Please sir , don’t make people laugh at us by giving numbers of people killed during world war and prophet’s time. This is world war with large population of people, and furthermore they use different kind of weapons ,vehicles and communication compared to prophet’time. Sir, how you from AMU can talk about human rights, in your own institution there is no equal right to use its own library for women. The reason given is unacceptable, are our male students have very low moral? Maybe during prophet’s time their men are very lustful,because they look women as sex symbol and have no say. I am living in a Muslim country with my husband, here incest case are very high in Muslim community compared to other religion. Maybe becaus they are forcing Muslim women to cover from head to toe, so looking a woman’s hair also can make a Muslim man lustful, actually it is not true, our men are not like that, only the system is portraying us in such a way. Please don’t compare the way of life during prophet’s time and now. Ameen


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