Its unjust decision, return my right to live without fear and in peace: Bilkis

Bilkis Bano

By Special Correspondent

New Delhi:  Terming the Gujarat government’s decision to free 11 convicts murder and gang-rape as “unjust decision”, the victim Bilkis  Bano Yakub Rasool on Wednesday  urged the BJP led state government to  undo this harm and give her back  her  right to live without fear and in peace.


On August 15, the Gujarat government freed 11 men, including those convicted of gang-raping her and murdering 14 members of her family.

Strongly reacting to this development, Bilkis issued an official statement through her attorney Advocate Shobha.

The Statement

“Two days ago, on August 15, 2022 the trauma of the past 20 years washed over m

Two days ago, on August 15, 2022 the trauma of the past 20 years washed over me again.

When I heard that the 11 convicted men who devastated my family and my life, and took

my 3 year old daughter walked free. I was bereft of words. I am still numb.

Today, I can say only this – how can justice for any woman end like this? I trusted the highest

courts in our land. I trusted the system, and I was learning slowly to live with my trauma.

The release of these convicts has taken from me my peace and shaken my faith in justice.

My sorrow and my wavering faith is not for myself alone but for every woman who is

struggling for justice in courts.

No one enquired about my safety and well-being, before taking such a big and unjust decision.

I appeal to the Gujarat Government, please undo this harm. Give me back my right to live without fear and in peace. Please ensure that my family and I are kept safe.

Released on behalf of Bilkis Bano’s  Advocate Shobha.


  1. I agree that it must be traumatic to undergo the horrendous experience and all would condemn it. The perpetrators have spent 14 years in prison, and life imprisonment. Even the terrorists don’t spend that much time in prison.
    It may be not very pleasant to come to know that the perpetrators have been released. But everyone has basic right to live. They cant be shot.


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