Jamaat-e-Islami to launch ‘Anti-Extremism Campaign’ from Sunday


Jamaat-e-Islami HindHyderabad : The Jamaat-e- Islami Hind (JIH) will organize a weeklong ‘anti-extremism campaign’ in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad from Sunday, Sakshi Post Indian newspaper reported.

As part of the campaign, JIH will conduct special gatherings, public meetings, and seminars for youth to educate them on the un-Islamic nature of terrorist activities, JIH Telangana and Odisha Zone President Hamid Mohammed Khan told reporters here.

Papers will be circulated among masses regarding Islamic teachings about Khilafat, Islamic State, true concept of Jihad and the reality of (terror outfit) ISIS’s actions and its wrong teachings, Hamid said. Organizations like Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and ISIS gave chance to say that Islam and Muslims don’t want peace in the world whereas these outfits don’t represent true Islam, he said.

Hamid said Jamaat completely denounces all such organizations and the excesses committed by ISIS have nothing to do with Islam. It should be noted that the maximum number of people killed by these terrorist organizations belong to Islamic faith only, he said.

Jamaat is of the opinion that the creation and existence of these organizations might be a deep conspiracy of the West to defame Islam and divide Muslims. JIH considers the ISIS to be a terror organization and declares that its activities are un-Islamic, he added.—SM/IINA


    • My Dear RSS friend, I am very much pleased to enlighten you on a very high friendly manner on your above comment.

      Islam is built on five very strong pillars ( definitely, we all going to see in the other world – Aakira, whether we like it or not) and those are;

      1. Testimony of faith ( Allah is the one and only God , none others, Prophet Mohamed is his messenger)

      2. Prayer ( you may have seen five times prayer and Jummah prayer performed in the mosques where the brotherhood and peace is seen)

      3. Giving Zakat ( support of the needy)

      4. Fasting during the month of Ramadan

      5. Pilgrimage to Makkah – once in the lifetime for those who are able.

      Please kindly note that Mosques and Madrasas are doing its services on the above and definitely not encouraging extremism or terrorism instead enlighting the truth in the mind of all human beings irrespective of their religion, cast, faith etc. etc.

      Please feel fee to contact me and I am readily available on friendly manner

    • You can hate Muslims as much as you want. In every era, there are people like you who hated Islam and Muslims. God is enough for us.

      Regarding the conversion. It is a myth that there is a mass force conversion happened in India. No, there is none. Few minor incidents happened which you can expect after every brutal wars in that time. Force coversion is not allowed in Islam and if anyone did that then they will definetly pay the price hearafter.

      Islam in India is not due to the Kings who are muslims but by the Sufis and other arab traders. These people introduces islam in India. Yes, the ancestors of indian muslims might be Hindus or belongs to some other beliefs. But now, it does not matter. They have reverted to Islam and now we follow only Islam. Why should I convert to any other beliefs now? You might argue and say, it was force coversion. But that is not true. It is not possible to do mass force coversion when the majory soldiers and ministers are hindus during Muslim rulars. And those rulers came India to rule but not to covert. They ruled and long gone.

  1. @RSS…so you shameless hindutwadi bastard…have appeared again to puke your saffron hate on this…muslim forum…keep dreaming…when awake just remember 17 jan 1761 ( third battle of panipat )…i am sure you will “leak” in your knicker/chaddi……hell to hindutwaad.

    • My Dear Akbar,

      Please refrain from writing to our non-muslim brothern in the way you have written. When you deal with them please try to consider the teachings of Prophet Mohamed (SAL) who always insisted us to respect other religions and its followers with the hope of getting them to understand our religion fully.

      • @siddique…i value your advice…BUT…this RSS pig and his hindutwadi ilk come from gutter sty called hindutwaa…just as bodu balu senna in sri lanka…..makes a point to harm muslims for no apparent valid reason …but JEALOUSY…..all these filthy RSS devils need is to be put in furnance and roasted alive…that is all a simple solution for them…hell to hindutwaad.

      • @patriot…as usual silly punny reply….were hindus if it goes were so coward that they converted…what about your much glorified and praised…maharana s…raja s and shurr veer s doing…..anaadiRam first know to sharpen your claws n then challenge the adversary…OK

        • this is the tregedy with so called converted muzzis like you you think that your anistors came from arabia , arab dont even accept u as muzzis …the cowards were some like you who got converted but dont worry we will bring soon …we willl also convert ur biased god one day be piss upon you

          • @patriot…..your reply reflects your third grade hindutwadi mindset…which has nothing to offer in substance but jealousy in intent no doubt your flithy breed appears on this forum to puke /shit your not so impressive hindu glory…we bow to the one supreme creator as arabs ..indians..nigerians…or iranians…but it seems a certain shiv ji is still high on his bhaang colaa…so missionaries are converting your flock in india by hundreds a month….while hanuMAN is too busy roaming parbhat..prabhaat…you hindutwadi are left to your whims to feel so elated in front of a mirror offcourse high on your muth(gaumutra) cola…and still tipsy to bray nonsensocal hindutwadi blaah blah and blah….hope a prasaad of dung(gobarr khicdi) will soon bring you to your right senses…….HELL to hindutwaad.

    • Akbar we should not use this type of comment, I am telling you this as a Muslim brother.
      This type of comments will make more enemies of ours and without any use.

      Better focus on the well being of Muslim in your close relations and we better help other Muslim.

      Teach them the power of vote.
      Help them in getting better education.
      Give your Zakat with proper calculations.
      Help our close relatives who need help you help them when they become better then they will help their relatives.
      I do same.

      • @faizbhai….seems we muslims have learnt to be submissive to those who come on this forum …openly abuse the holy prophet…degrade islam…and pour scorn on muslims…i m not among those who will take this lying……”inn hindutwadi yoon ko eeth ka jawaab patharr sae..aour kichaad kaa jawaab gobarr sae dunngaa”…who likes or dislikes my comments/ reply i care a damm for those assumed erudites.

  2. Not only just campaign,we as a Muslim society should change,
    Adopt good education and liberal thinking,
    We just live our life’s complaining,
    We should live in 21st century


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