Jamia alumnus escapes hate crime on Independence Day eve

Daud Arif in a Facebook live video (file photo)

By Majid Alam,

New Delhi: In a shocking incident that came to light on Wednesday evening, Daud Arif an alumnus of Jamia Millia Islamia University became the latest victim of hate crime in the country. Daud was physically abused by a group of 5-6 young people who also passed invectives and communal remarks at him.


The incident ironically took place on the Independence Day at Sarai Julena where Daud, lives in an apartment. Sarai Julena is hardly two kilometres from Jamia Millia Islamia.

According to Daud, a group of boys including the landlords’ relatives (who attacked him) were allegedly drunk while celebrating the Independence Day. “They were also playing music at loud voices” said Daud. But the incident unfolded after Daud realised that one of them had urinated at his door. The identity of the boys couldn’t be revealed as they were from other locality.

As per Daud, when he brought the matter to the landowner, he intervened. In the meantime, the group of boys got violent and started pushing Daud for complaining to the landowner. Seeing the boys overpowering him, Daud apologised. But one of the boys started pushing him close to the terrace of the fifth floor. Two of them also said, “Tu masalman haina tujhe mar dalege aur hmara kuch bhi nahi hoga” (You are a muslim, we can kill you and we won’t even get a scratch).

According to Daud, the landowner and his son tried to intervene and save him. Daud, in an interview said, “The nature of the incident could not be seen in isolation. You are being forced to ghettoize.”

Daud made a call to the Delhi Police to send a PCR immediately, however, according to him there was a late response.

The Police cited the Independence Day as the reason for responding late to the issue.

Daud took over some of his belonging and went to the New Friends Colony Police Station to register an FIR. The Police and his friends suggested him not to file an FIR as the method could be lengthy and complex. Daud later said, “I did not register the FIR as I don’t have the resources to do it.” Daud had asked for Police Protection while vacating his room. He has currently shifted to a guesthouse.

Daud feels that the incident has deeply affected him and he is yet to come out of it. “I am a victim; I don’t know how to go about it. I have been in trauma since the last two days,” he says.


  1. WE Muslims in west are very sad to hear about the criminal behaviour against Dawood Ibrahim.Ever since the introduction of Hinduvta, India is polluted with crime. I suggest Dzawwod to Apply In Holy Medina & may get admission there.
    Please contact us on E.mail if we can be any help/


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