JNU alumni condemn attack on teachers in Bihar

By Syed Ali Mujtaba

In a shocking incident, Assistant Professor Diwyanand Dev, JNU alum, working in the PG Department of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University was brutally attacked and beaten by a group of students on March 26, 2021.

Professor Diwyanand Dev was delivering a lecture inside the classroom when a group of thirty students dragged him out of the classroom and attacked him mercilessly. It is alleged that they were led by student leaders belonging to the RJD party and Ang Kranti Sena who is prime accused in this incident.

‘An FIR against the culprits has been lodged in the Bhagalpur police station but no action so far has been taken by the police,’ says Shubham Shree, a JNU alumnus who lives in Bhagalpur. She alleges that the culprits are roaming scot-free, claiming that Jungle Raj has returned in Bihar.

She informs that the Ang Kranti Senam on the contrary has filed a counter FIR against Prof. Diwyanand and Prof. Yogendra under SC/ST the act. The content of their FIR is not known but they seem to have made a case of caste struggle, which is not the case.

Reaction from the members of the JNU Alumni Association, Bihar Chapter has been sharp.   The members of the Bihar chapter have a request JNU alumni association worldwide to condemn the violence on teachers and stand in solidarity with Diwyanand in demand of justice.

Ex JNU president and sitting MLA Shakeel Khan comments-  “I strongly condemn the attack on ex JNU student and assistant professor Diwyanand Dev of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University by the goons. Irrespective of one’s political affiliations one should come forward and condemn in the strongest terms such attacks on the teaching community. Violence in any form is unacceptable. I stand in solidarity and demand strong action against the perpetrators of violence.”

Niraj Kumar Jha has commented; “We all must stand for the sanctity of academia. Classrooms and campuses are places where freedom must bloom perennially. The anti-social elements, it seems, have overtaken the campuses and threaten the very core of civilized living.”

Sanjay Singh who teaches political science at AN College Patna says; this incident is not the first in Bihar. There have been brutal attacks on teachers Motihari, Muzaffarpur, Ara, Patna, and Chapra.

Jitender Prasad has commented; it’s a dangerous trend that has to be checked through online social activism. All likeminded social network groups should extend support and solidarity for the teachers being targeted by the anti-social political groups.

The Bihar Chapter of the JNU alumni association is an active group whose participants are keenly involved in the process of bringing social and political change in Bihar. They keep a close eye on the changes taking place around them and resolve to contribute to the best of their ability for the development and benefit of the common man in Bihar. Reduction of the chasm between privileged and unprivileged, curtailment of privileges of the political elites and equitable distribution of power is the core agenda of the Bihar Chapter of JNU alumni association.

Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist and member of the Bihar Chapter of JNU alumni association. His forthcoming book is “Post-Truth India- The Brand New Republic.” He can be contacted at

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