‘Junior Madani rubs salt into the wounds of the community by inviting Babri Masjid demolisher to Eid Milan event”

Mahmood Madani and Hamid Ansari along with senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi during Jamiat Eid Milan Party at Shangri-La Hotel , New Delhi.

By Dr Asma Zehra

The Eid Milan party hosted by Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind (M) leader Maulana Mahmood Madani was attended by among others BJP stalwart and one of the tallest Hindutva ideologues, also  allegedly involved in the Babri Masjid demolition, Murli Manohar Joshi  (remember his Photo rejoicing on demolition of Babri Masjid).


While Madani might suffer much of the brunt due to his dubious past, there were many who silently supported the move of inviting Joshi, citing ‘hikmat’ (strategy) in the current circumstance. Clearly, they chose not to be seen in the other side of the fence.

As expected, there was no reaction from any community organization, chiefly due to politico-religious clout of the Jamiat leader. The AIMPLB, as well as other Muslim organizations, prefer silence to keep the so-called ‘ittehad-e-millat’ (Muslim unity).

Such exercise, however, is not new. In past, Muslim leaders, ulema or organizations had loved rubbing shoulder with all sorts of right wing leaders with complete immunity. In recent past, Muslim leaders had joined Ajit Doval’s “Babri Masjid Verdict Celebration”. Shamelessly, none of the participants apologized yet before Muslims for the act.

It is not a coincidence, however. In fact, he initially welcomed CAA publicly but swiftly switched side when mass protests erupted across the country. He flied to Geneva at time of abrogation of Article 370 to hold a Press Conference on Kashmir,  went into hibernation at time of release of Kashmir Files, wrote ‘letter’ to Home Minister after attacks on Muslims in Ramadan, but emerged soon to hold the party.

The Party is meant to send a message to the world that Khargone( MP), Karauli (Rajasthan),  Jahangirpuri ( Delhi), Roorkee,  etc.. or Lynching, Hijab, Halal, Azan, Masjid are ‘non’ issues. Everything is fair and fine in India.The threats and calls for ‘genocide’ of Muslims in India are not ‘Real’ and Ganga Jamuni Tahzeeb of our Country has made lndia ‘Heaven for Muslims’.

Those worried of Life Honor Property Business of Muslims are ‘FOOLS’ and the Hikmat and Shujaat, Baseerat of this ‘Moulana’ should be ‘admired, praised’. SubhanAllah.

Whom do you expect to condemn this EID MILAP?

BAATIL SE YAARANA  is a new methodology adopted by some of Muslim organisations, believe many Muslims.

The fisherman of Gujarat have appealed for Mass Euthanasia and this ‘Moulana’ represents same state. He didn’t have time to document Muslim community issues but loved to become tools of the RSS larger gameplan. There is need for self-introspection in Muslim organisations and leaders. They should hold such people accountable and demand explanation for their acts and deviations.

Many of Community issues are Justly addressed by Hindus and Women activists like Rana Ayyub, but Muslim leadership is lost and heading towards Mirage.

The Community is now becoming Aware of this Betrayal and will develop its own ways of Survival and Existence.

On one side there is Right Wing Saffron ideology and movement with Support from Government Heading with full Force to Reduce Muslims to Second class Citizens, On other side we have the Constitution of our Country and Many Hindu Leaders who dare to Speak Truth to Power, And the Democracy of Our Country and Judiciary still has Hopes.The Sides are Clear and if Our Efforts are as they Should Be the People of this Great Nation can Save the Country from Communal Forces.

It’s Important to Work for Protection of Rights of Oppressed and Stand for Rights guaranteed in Constitution.

For this Unless there is Distinction of Friends and Foes and Who are Agents of RSS, the Efforts are a Waste. Many Agents have already creeped in, they are already Preaching and Propagating the Same Ideology of Right Wing.

The Youth and Women of Community are Ray of Hope and Allah swt will Bless the Righteous.

My Write up may Sound Emotional, I am open to Criticism, I humbly Request all Right Thinking Ulemas and Leaders to Correct me if I am wrong , but please don’t Play a Role of Referee.

Silence at this hour is sinful.

May Allah guide us and save and protect Muslims.


The author is  president of Women wing of All India Muslim Personal Law Board and runs a charity hospital for women in Hyderabad


  1. All dogs and bitches barked only on its own people i.e. ulema and leadership, not against Government, RSS, BJP. why?

  2. ये धार्मिक नेता जनता को सत्ता का ग़ुलाम बनाते हैं अपने मालपुआ सुरक्षित रखने के लिए

  3. She very rightly says Junior Madani responsible several acts that harmed the community but he was let off each time.

  4. Mohrarama! Assalamu alaikum.
    As a momina, you have represented just sentiments of right thinking and justice seeking Indians. The best reply to such persons is to boycot them.

  5. Very apt n appropriate. But all of th hosts are integral part of the Muslim personal law board. Why th board shld not form a policy.

  6. ASA Sr.Zahra,
    Not everyone has courage to speak truth – that’s why it is virtue UNPARALLELED in Islam (one who says “you are a tyrant” on the face of tyrant – has special protection on the day when there is no protection EXCEPT THE SHADE OF ARSH-E-AALA.

    May Allah bless you and your family!

  7. No doubt,Eid Milan Was Wrong Time but What’s Solutions ? Please

  8. In the wake of current political situations, it is inappropriate for the Muslim minority to be aloof and alienated from the national mainstream. Please try to understand it is not India built by Gandhi, Nehru, and Moulana Azad. Against this backdrop, inviting extremist Hindus, their leadership, and respectable figures among them into your festivals, your institutional ceremonies, and conclaves is a positive move. Building bridges and getting their goodwill is imperative to do so and a welcome gesture. So your criticism is totally out of place.
    Dr. Mohammad Ghitreef
    Research Associate with Center for Promotion of Educational and Cultural Advancement of Muslims of India AMU Aligarh

    • Disagreed….To hold serious dialogues are kept aside.Mockery of gatherings, for the sake of relations are lika a joke.

  9. Cant Rubb soulders with those who have a declared agenda to annihilate a particular group of people.

    You can only ACCOUNT them publicly, Challenge thier irrational narrative and Hold on to our REDLINES.

    Madani and others are Pragmatic and opportunist individual with No commitment to Allah, his Messenger and the Ummah of Prophet.

    They setve thier own egos and agenda.

    Its a time for a change of leaderahip from this disillusioned individuals to a committed and inyelligent individuals.

  10. Your emotions are justified. These so called community leaders who keep fooling their followers are openly showing there true self. Such leaders and organisations are ailing with a disease called ‘vahn’ – intense love for the world and extreme fear of death. Such evil scholars out of fear or greed join hands with enemies and fool the community by naming it as patience, wisdom, diplomacy, etc. Some people call them hypocrites if not ‘minafik’. Such cowards await the Lord’s punishment. May God give them guidance and courage. Amen

  11. There is nothing wrong in meeting or inviting avowed adversaries to any event by Muslims but to condone the injustice or agrandisement can not be justified and when there is only one objective by such invitation to get the redlines in news papers is just an act of hypocrisy.

  12. ‘Madani’ strategy would not workout. We can not stand on two boats. Palestine is one best example in the Arab world which states Muslim’s dual strategy.


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