Just say you made this propaganda movie to spread hate and earn money: Journalist to Vivek Agnihotri

L-T: Umesh K. Ray, Vivek Agnihotri

By Muslim Mirror Staff

The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri was caught up in a war of words with freelance journalist Umesh Kumar Ray. At last, Agnihotri purportedly lost the ground as he stopped putting up any sensible arguments.


It all started with a tweet by Agnihotri, which he deleted later. In the tweet, he had raised an objection over showing the movie in open and for free, calling it a “criminal offence”

Umesh Ray took a dig at the director’s tweet. He said, “A true Hindu wants to show a movie to other true Hindus for free, however, Vivek is saying this is a crime!”

Agnihorti responded, “Can you please send me 1000 copies of Outlook free, please.” To this, Ray said, “I am a freelancer, not owner of the Outlook.”

Then, Agnihotri tried his last resort. He wrote, “Pl write 100 articles free for our foundation. Will you?” But he was served such a befitting reply that he may not have expected.

“I write for survival. I am not running right to justice hashtag like you and not claiming to be in the service of KP [Kashmiri pandits]. Just say you have made this propaganda movie to spread hate and earn money. No one will say anything.” Ray said.

After this, Agnihotri went short of words. Ignoring the basic decency required for a healthy debate, he wrote, “Sit down”.

In between, the Uttar Pradesh wing of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supported Ray and lambasted Agnihotri.

The RJD called Agnihotri “brain ass” and said he is selling his “mujra” in the guise of patriotism.


  1. Just say it whether you mean it or not just to please me. I am the all-powerful freelance “journalist” nobody but MM has ever heard of. MM will give me prominent coverage to support its agenda.

    This is the quality of MM’s “journalism” and it is proud of it!


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