Karnataka BJP leader slaps, hits policemen during protest

BJP Leader and former BJP MLA Papa Reddy slapped a Policeman

RAICHUR:  In a shocking incident, Karnataka BJP leader and former MLA Papa Reddy on Wednesday assaulted at least two policemen during a party protest in Raichur district.

The incident happened when the police did not give permission to burn effigy of Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah for his statement on Dalits supporting the BJP.


The BJP’s SC Morcha had organised a protest at B.R. Ambedkar Circle. As the protestors getting ready to burn the effigy of Siddaramaiah, the police didn’t allow it and took it away.

Enraged by this, Papa Reddy went to a police constable in civil dress and slapped him, asking who gave him permission to take away the effigy. The constable, after being slapped, told the leader not to raise his hands on him but did not retaliate.

Later, Papa Reddy, while arguing with the police officers who rushed to the spot, assaulted one of the inspectors, according to eye-witnesses. — IANS


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