Impetus to hate: Kashmir Files watchers give open call for killing Muslims; PM, BJP govts in states promoting it


By Special correspondent

New Delhi: Controversial Bollywood movie Kashmir Files,  based on exodus of Pandits from Kashmir, has added a new fillip to the ongoing anti-Muslim hate campaign as scores of video clips have emerged where the film watchers were purportedly seen giving calls for killing Muslims and forcefully marry their women to “reduce rising their population”.


The film has not only given an opportunity to the right wing groups to keep ratcheting up their hate campaign in mainland but has also given a ground to the Narendra Modi government to “cover up” the wrongs done to the people in the Valley.”

Film provokes hate speech, calls for Muslim genocide

A man was seen, after watching the film, asking Hindu youth to marry Muslim women to reduce their population. “If every man who is between 20 and 25 years of age starts marrying Muslim women, then their population will be halved in three generations,” the man says in a video clip, which has gone viral in the social media platforms.

In several videos, pro-genocide slogans were raised. Some of the slogans are as follows: Jab mulle Kate jayenge Ram, Ram chillayenge [When mulle (derogatory term used for Muslims) will be cut into pieces they will shout Ram, Ram (Hindu deity)] and Jai Shri Ram [Hail lord Ram].

The sloganeering and hate speeches have been reported not only from small towns and but major cities as well. Such developments have been witnessed in the national capital too. However, there is a complete silence from the police and the administration over such unlawful acts.

There is no doubt that the BJP IT cell and whole propaganda machinery of the party are using the movie to strengthen the image of Modi’s as a saviour of Hindus, as in most of the videos the slogans were raised in favour of BJP and Narendra Modi and that the West Bengal and Delhi chief ministers, Mamata Banerjee and Arvind Kejriwal, came under serious attacks.

Film promoted by Modi, exempted from tax

The film has got full patronage of BJP and its parent body Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as PM Modi and RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat are openly promoting the film.

The film has also been exempted from tax in various BJP-ruled states – Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Karnataka, Goa and Assam.

Apart from this, half-day leave for government staff have also been allowed to watch the film in Assam by the BJP-led government.

Film denounced by Kashmir Hindus

Several Kashmiri Hindus who are victims of the 1990 violence have outrightly rejected. The Kashmir Files, they believe, has been made with a sinister agenda. They denounced vilification of the Muslim community through the film and slammed the BJP and RSS for using them to enhance their nefarious design.

Modi censured films on 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat

Modi during whose tenure as Gujarat CM hundreds of Muslims were massacred in 2002 and thousands of others displaced. Several women were raped and killed. Several victims were burnt alive.

Some films and documentaries were made on these incidents. But, Modi ensured that those films are not shown in Gujarat.

Parzania, a Bollywood film released in 2007, in Gujarat by Modi. A documentary titled as Final Solution was banned in 2004 by the then BJP-led central government.

In a nutshell, The Kashmir Files appears to be made with a sinister agenda with the full support of the Modi-led government. It has provoked anti-Muslim sentiments and is likely to incite violence against the community. This film has once again unveiled the anti-Muslim face of the government and it is no surprise that the country opposed a resolution proposed to counter Islamophobia at the UN.


  1. somehow they want to divert people attention from EVM scam in Utter Pradesh that is the reason this picture completed within month time and this movie is being promoted by Prime Minister level person and at parliament level. Its known fact that BJP aka RSS can go any extent to reach their targets and often use Muslims as weapons.

  2. ‘The Kashmir files movie ‘, is actually based on truth as spoken by the victims of the sad ,brutal, genocide by Islamic terrorist in Kashmir in India. There is no hidden agenda, but truth always surfaces even after 30 years in this tragic history of the Kashmir hindus.
    Today, there are only handful of Kashmir hindus left in Kashmir, so the Islamic terrorist won. We thank the makers of this true movie.
    I have watched this true movie twice, cried, felt the victims trauma. How can a group of terrorist be so cruel to children, women ? This is not about any particular religion but about humanity.

    • Gujarat’s Sanghi rioters were more cruel 😈when they slit womb of a pregnant mother and cut her unborn baby into small pieces. This double standard is part and parcel of all fascist Manuwadis. Why biased film maker forgot to mention “Jammu files” when Hindu Dogra ruler of Jammu-Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh used his Dogra army with support of RSS for ethnic cleansing of 60% Muslim population of Jammu to secure Jammu for his reign. In Kashmir valley which has more than 90% Muslim population, there also Dogra police open fired upon Muslim citizens (like Jalian wala Bagh in Punjab) who were protesting against repeatedly desecration of their religion and prosecution by Dogra Hindu rule . Kashmiri Pandits being part of Dogra Hindu administration were ” hand in gloves ” involved directly and indirectly in atrocities and tyranny against Muslim citizens of Jammu & Kashmir by Hindu Dogra rulers called Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir.

      • Read from Google:– Why “Kashmir’s Martyrs Day” is celebrated ? Why BJP ‘s government removed it from the list of state’s public holiday ?


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