Kashmiri doctor risks life to save COVID-19 patient in AIIMS

Zahid Abdul Majeed


By Muslim Mirror Desk


New Delhi : A doctor from Jammu and Kashmir removed his protective gear and risked his life to save a COVID-19 patient while shifting him to the Intensive Care Unit in New Delhi’s AIIMS hospital. He was advised 14 days of quarantine as he came in contact with the patient.

“Zahid Abdul Majeed, a native from Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir, was not even able to break his (Ramzan) fast when he was called for shifting a COVID-19 intubated patient to the ICU in the AIIMS Trauma Centre, which has been converted as a dedicated COVID-19 hospital,” Srinivas Rajkumar T, General Secretary of AIIMS Resident Doctors’ Association in New Delhi, said.

The incident took place inside an ambulance around 2am on Friday.

When Mr Majeed reached the ambulance, he had difficulty in ventilating the patient and suspected “accidental extubation.”

“I immediately decided to re-intubate. Owing to poor visibility through the PPE inside the ambulance, I decided to remove the goggles and face shield, and then re-intubated the patient as any delay would have led to imminent death of the patient,” he said.

Mr Majeed did not think twice before taking full-blown aerosol exposure from the patient and got exposed to the highest possible viral load just to deliver his duty, Mr Rajkumar added.

Zahid Abdul Majeed has been a compassionate doctor dedicated to his work, he said. “The RDA AIIMS appreciates the dedication of all residents who have stood in solidarity in the fight against the virus in spite of shortcomings and less than ideal work conditions all over the country. Senior doctors should appreciate their work and keep their morale high, take their feedback seriously and improve the working conditions,” Mr Rajkumar added.



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