2019 Lok Sabha elections : Kejriwal launches door to door campaign from today

Representational Image (file photo) (Credit: gettyimages)

By Abdul Bari Masoud, 

New Delhi: In a bid to outdo the BJP in the coming general election, Delhi’s ruling part Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will launch door to door campaign for the Lok Sabha elections on Sunday in which all Delhi ministers, MPs, MLAs, Councillors, party office bearers and Councillors will take part.


Residents of Delhi could soon get a knock on their door from AAP convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who said on Saturday that the campaign will focus on why Delhi voters must vote for AAP in Lok Sabha elections. Kejriwal would launch the campaign from New Delhi constituency and appeal to the people to vote for AAP and also seek donations for the party.

The party will appeal to the people of Delhi to donate any amount which they like ranging from Rs 100, Rs 1,000 or Rs 10,000 every month for their own party, he said.

The party has decided that during the campaign, it would expose the seven BJP MPs who were elected from Delhi in 2014 and why it is important to have seven AAP MPs representing Delhi in the Lok Sabha.

Party volunteers will ask the people to compare the performance of seven BJP MPs with that of the Arvind Kejriwal government, said a party leader.

“Party volunteers will inform the people about cheap electricity in Delhi, free water, major improvement in Delhi government schools, prohibition in fees hike in private schools, establishment of Mohalla Clinics and free treatment in Delhi government hospitals.

The volunteers will then ask the people to recall in case these seven BJP MPs have done anything for them ? Can they remember a single good work done by these MPs ?

Not only these MPs failed to even go to the people but on the contrary they tried to obstruct every single pro-people work of the Kejriwal government.”

Along with Kejriwal, all ministers, MPs, MLAs, councillors, party office bearers and councillors will launch the campaign in different parts of Delhi.

The party will also raise the issue of Metro fare hike and unjustified sealing during the Lok Sabha election campaign and will expose the silence of BJP MPs on these important issues.

“AAP will tell the people of Delhi that Metro fare hike was a BJP conspiracy and their seven MPs were mysteriously quiet on the Metro fare hike.”

The party alleged that the politics of any political party is defined by the kind of money on which it runs.

“BJP and Congress get corporate funding and therefore they work for them. AAP runs from funds provided by common people and that is why we think and work only for them.”


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