Khargone violence: Armless Muslim is accused of stone pelting at the Ramnavami procession, house demolished

Wasim Sheikh.

By Muslim Mirror

During the vindictive demolition drive in Madhya Pradesh against the alleged Khargone rioters, the government has also demolished a kiosk of a man who had lost both his arms in an accident in 2005.

The state government had demolished houses of the Muslims after the clashes broke out in Khargone during the Ram Navami procession.

The demolished kiosk belonged to 35-year-old Muslim man, Wasim Sheikh.

“They demolished my kiosk from which I used to sell candies and make a living for my family of five,” said Sheikh

“I have no means now to feed my two children, wife and mother,” he added.

Wasim Sheikh, who was a painter, lost both his hands after being electrocuted while on a painting job in 2005.

“The government said that houses and shops of those who indulged in rioting have been demolished. I’m dependent on others, even for water. How can I indulge in riots?” Asked Sheikh.

As per Sheikh he hadn’t received any legal notice from the government terming his kiosk as illegal.

Reacting to the BJP government’s brutality, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi tweeted, “BJP’s Hindutva ideology has no place for humanity. It’s the State Government’s arms of Law that have been amputated. It feels powerful after making poor people poorer & homeless. It has an obsession with giving extrajudicial collective punishment to the Muslim community.”

A few days ago a similar incident took place where three Muslim men, Shabaz, Fakru, and Rauf, who were in jail since March 5 were accused and named on the list of Ram Navami riot-accused persons in Khargone.

These three were falsely charged and the house of one of the accused was also demolished.

The people who are named in the case are Shabaz, Fakru, and Rauf. The three were falsely charged for rioting in Khargone during Ram Navami celebrations on 10 April.

Upon asking about the lapse, the police officials had said that the case was filed based on the statement of the complainant.


  1. Khargone police are working as goondas under the extremist BJP government. There is no Justice or Law in the country now. There are dead.


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