Kuwait lawmakers decry violence against Muslims in India


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Members of the Kuwaiti National Assembly have issued a statement condemning atrocities committed by Indian authorities and Hindutva extremists against Muslims in India, Middle East Monitor on 30 September.

The lawmakers said in a joint statement that in the wake of the wave of violence and discrimination committed against Indian Muslims, including killing, displacement and burning, the lawmakers stand in solidarity with Muslims in India.


Kuwaiti member of Parliament Shuaib Al-Muwaizri , in a tweet, called for boycott of Indian products and raised his concern over the silence of United Nations, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and leaders of GCC countries (Gulf Countries) over violence against Indian Muslims.

“The Islamic World Organization, the leaders of Islamic countries, the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the United Nations, where are you about the heinous crimes committed by the Indian government against Muslims, men, women and children? Boycotting India and its products is a legal duty,” he said .

The Arab world is expressing their anger following police violence and eviction drive against Muslims in the north-eastern state of Assam. Around 5,000 people were displaced and at least people were killed as a result of the police action in Assam’s Darang district.

Two hashtags ‘India Kills Muslims’ and ‘Boycott of Indian products’ were trending in various Arab countries following the violence in Assam.


  1. I thought this was old news 🤔🧐 :


    Btw Kuwait seriously doesn’t have much locus standi or any credibility over the issue.
    Most of tweets were by Turkish and Pakistani accounts, so yeah. Not an issue to get riled up over.
    Hope MM stops getting excited whenever some foreign person or organisation says something.
    It shows the credibility crisis that indian muslims face. Hope they come together and make India a better place by emulating the Jains and the Parsis.

    • Hindutva is not a religion by any angle but they are devil monkeys hate mongers’ gang having human faces by Brahma’s fault .


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