Kuwaiti lawmakers urge international and Islamic organisations to stop ‘persecution’ of Indian Muslims


By Special Correspondent

New Delhi:  The Arab World has also taken notice of the alleged atrocities being perpetuated by Hindutva radical elements on Muslims, Christians and weaker sections in the country.  Members of the Kuwait Parliament on Thursday urged the international, humanitarian, human rights and Islamic organizations to immediately work to stop the Indian authorities’ actions and restore security to Indian Muslims.


Members of the Kuwaiti National Assembly have condemned the “atrocities committed by the Indian authorities and Hindu extremist groups against the Muslim community”.

Middle East Monitor reported that the Kuwaiti MPs issued a joint statement in this regard and expressed their deep anguish over the happenings in India.

They said “in the wake of the wave of violence and discrimination committed against Indian Muslims, including killing, displacement and burning, the lawmakers stand in solidarity with Muslims in India.

They called on international, humanitarian, human rights and Islamic organizations to immediately work to stop ‘the Indian authorities’ actions and restore security to Indian Muslims”.

Media sources have recently reported that nearly 20,000 members of the Muslim minority in the state of Assam have been uprooted from their homes after authorities evicted them from their homes under the pretext that they were built on state-owned land in Darang district.

After the inhuman act of evicting impoverished families hailing from the Muslim community and demolishing their modest homes in the Darrang district of Assam, Police opened fire at those protesting the evictions, killing two people including a 12 year boy and injuring 10.


  1. Kuwaiti lawmakers, what a joke !!
    It is a “dictatorship” for god’s sake, we will just buy some more oil from them and then they will shut up and grovel at our feet for some more time.

    • Here comes the self-proclaimed defender of Hindutva still hiding under a false name. Kuwait MPs have shown real courage to take the pro-Hindu government to task by making a beginning. The day 57 nations of the OIC take a combined decision against the rising Islamophobia in India, it would be too late for the fascist forces to save their ugly face and shameless acts from International scrutiny.

        • You will die by your own AIDS venereal disease. Just give it some time, bcos God always has a decided time for everything.

        • So you agree that what is happening in India is a barbaric atrocity? Thank you for clarifying your stand. Please keep your bigotry to yourself and patronize portals you find more in sync with your chauvinism.

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          Hindus should know their place, at the bottom of the toilet.

  2. It is a Sharia obligation on Muslim states to stand for the Muslims living in minority subjected to attrocities by the majority in non Muslim countries. Whatever Kuwait did it is the fulfilment of Sharia obligation that should not be misinterpreted as interference in the internal matter of India.

    • Still deluding yourself. monkey worshipper? We’ve had thousands of Hindus kicked out for permanent ghar wapsi to bhangi mata India. Why are you hindu chimpanzees immigrating to Muslim countries to clean our toilets. This is MuslimMirror, not some fake news RSS Hindu sh1t tabloid. If you don’t like, piss off back to the gau shalla your parents met in, sanghi bhangi.

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