Legal notice to Sudhir Chaudhary over his ‘Talebani Buqra’ remark


Special Correspondent,

New Delhi: In the wake of recent controversial discussion over “Shuttlecock Burqa“, a legal notice has been issued to the news anchor Sudhir Chaudhary over his objectionable remark on the Muslim Community while anchoring a show on DNA (Daily News and Analysis).

The notice has been served by the Paripoorn Singh, a lawyer at Delhi based law firm Choudhary Advocates on the behalf of petitioner Mudabbir Ali Choudhary, the native of Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh.

The whole ruckus took place, during a show on DNA, where Sudhir Chaudhary initiates a discussion on Shuttlecock burqa, which he described as the Talibani attire and claimed it as the advent of Talibanization in the Kairana District of Uttar Pradesh.

Basically, shuttlecock burqa is an old-fashioned purdah mostly wore by old-middle age women in the area of western Uttar Pradesh.

During the episode titled ‘Analysis on the arrival of the shuttlecock burqa in Kairana’, Sudhir posed the Muslim customary attire as a product of Taliban and claimed it as a threat to the society-at-large. He initiated the program with the visuals of Burqa-clad women, roaming in the Kairana district of western UP and made several controversial remarks on Muslims, as well allegedly blamed the community for producing the fundamentalist attitude and held them responsible for perpetuating their propaganda to expand the Talibanization (Talibani Karan).

Further, Sudhir claimed the Minority community for oppressing their women in the name of purdah system and gradually they are adopting the similar traditions and customs imposed by the terror organization.

While interacting with, an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University and the appellant Mudabbir Ali Choudhary said that; “the legal action is necessary against the news anchor as he violates the laws and tried to suppress the fundamental rights of the Minority community, guaranteed by the constitution of India. As well with his statements he tried to promote the enmity and communal disharmony among the citizens”.

Further, he added, Therefore, this is obvious that the show was broadcasted in millions of households, so it has directly created a hate against Burqa-clad women, as he portrayed the Muslims as the fanatic who aims to propagate the Talibanization in India.”

Soon after the voting for Lok Sabha by-polls in Kairana town several reports have been recorded for EVM faults, on the same evening controversial anchor Sudhir Chaudhary used his prime-time show on DNA, to defame and instigate the hate against the minority community.

Earlier too Sudhir Chaudhary is also being trolled on social media for his anti-Muslim stance, and he also facing charges of forgery and attempting to extort money from Jindal’s company JSPL in exchange for not filing news reports linking his firm to the coal block allocation in 2012.


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