Libyan Mufti accuses international community of supporting counter revolution

Mufti Al-Sadeq al-Ghiryani

Tripoli, 7 Dec 2014 : Libyan General Mufti Sheikh Al-Sadeq al-Ghiryani accused on Friday the international community of “candid support” for the “counter revolution” aiming to return military grip over the country, Anadolu Agency reports.

In a message published on his official website read by Anadolu reporter, Al-Ghiryani said that “this candid interference in support of the counter revolution and ignorance of the judicial and constitutional rulings” makes it necessary for all Libyans in exile to stand in support of their issue.


He called on them to file complaints against those who are leading the counter and “hostile” political activities in the country aiming at violating the law, spreading chaos and defaming rebels by describing them as “terrorists.”

About one month ago, the Libyan parliament in Tobruk said it sacked the Mufti, who accused certain human rights activists in the West for sparing no effort in manipulating lies in order to push politicians and governments to accuse them of terrorism and persecute them.

The Mufti called on the Libyan community abroad to demonstrate in the holidays in front of the UN offices and the foreign ministries showing their condemnation to the “aggressive alienation” of the different countries with the enemy of the revolution.

He added: “Targeting the Libyan cities by jets and tanks is a flagrant violation of human rights carried out by the enemies of the revolution.” He referred by this to the attacks carried out against Libya Dawn by Operation Dignity forces led by the renegade military official Khalifa Haftar.

Al-Ghiryani said, “Unfortunately, the international community has insisted upon trusting the lies of those who have been killing the Libyans and damaging their cities under the pretext of fighting terrorism.” He said that the international community knows very well the realty of these lies.—MEMO


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