Lonavala : Muslim family from Gujarat brutally attacked , three severely injured


By M M Staff

Lonavala : Members of a Muslim family from Vadodara  were  brutally attacked, women and girls molested by locals over a minor dispute with children at Lonavala on Monday .


The family had gone to Lonavala, a hillstation near Mumbai, for tourism where they suffered this humiliation and drubbing at the hands of locals for no valid reasons.

‘The incident took place around 6 pm when a horseman demanded more money than the fixed amount which he earlier agreed for the horse-riding of their children at Tiger’s Point in Lonavala. When some of the family members  objected the horseman started abusing them and suddenly many horsemen came around and attacked the family, told activist Zuber Gopalani to Muslim Mirror.

Mr Gopalani,  a family member of the victims reached Lonavala from Gujarat to help them.

‘They thrashed male members, molested women and snatched their purse and mobiles, he added.

Those injured  are Aasim Memon (32), Sufiyan Memon (30) and   Ahmed Memon (28) .

Initially the police refused to register an FIR, but when the pressure was built up they wrote a complaint after five hours of incident.

The injured have been admitted to a private hospital.


  1. And I am sure the so called Muslims of India will renew their subservience to the tyrannical Govt. And do nothing to help the victims. I am getting increasingly unsure about the veracity of this community about calling themselves Muslims. These are Muslims for name sake. Because those who follow Muhammad SAW can’t be so blatantly coward and selfish.

    • You are right,
      Saare shaitani kaam karte ayain hai, toh imaan kahn hoga, imaan agar pakka na ho toh
      Himmat ya khud pe yakin kahn hoga,
      Khuda k baande my foot…

    • Yes you are saying correct
      Day by Day Muslim Community showing their Cowardness, But Once Community start taking the revenge these things will definitely stop but unfortunately community didn’t taking revenge that’s the big Question?

  2. Arshad Bhai,
    Yes You are saying correct
    It is true that, day by day Muslim community showing their cowardnes But, Once we start to take a revange these things will definitely stop. But unfortunately no one taking a revenge that’s the big Question.

    • Where is the question of revenge here?
      It is a tourist place.approach local admin give them sleepless night till the matter is resolved.let all community enjoy the fearless tourism over there.
      It will be better that local politician make a statement on this.
      This is brutal act and an administration issue.

      • This is sad n unfortunate, it shouldn’t have happened firstly. But a strong action should be taken against the offenders. Very well said sir bcoz this happens with all of us doesn’t matter which religion u follow. It happens with many of us regarding the money which these people initially agree on and later ask extra coz they think we are with family so we won’t fight or debate abt it. Strong action needs to be taken following the law

  3. Well if this is the case,they themselves don’t want tourist to come there,and will affect their own business in the long run.

  4. شاید خدا کا اشارہ ھے کہ یہ قوم لہب ولعب سے دور رہے
    اگر اتنی فضیحت کے بعد گجراتیوں کو عیاشی سوجھ رہی ہے تو اسکا یہی انجام ہوگا

  5. Above incident can happen anywhere in India bcos of rise of arrogance and intolerance in India.
    Hence supreme court and central govt should intervene.This is safety issue

  6. Very sad news if it’s true. You cannot always trust Muslimmirror because they are running propaganda in the name of journalism against BJP/RSS/Hindus.

    But if this news has little truth then Culprits should be brought to justice. Molesting women and harassing children is Unacceptable.

  7. There is no difference between Indian bakhats and so called Indian Muslims. They are more patriotic than Hindus.They are cowards, their condition in India is much worst than animals. They will never be at par with cows in India.


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