Loudspeaker issue: Shiv Sena leader appeals ‘Muslim brothers to remain calm, the coalition govt. will protect them’

Pravin Jethewad

By Muslim Mirror

As we know that MNS chief Raj Thackeray has issued a warning to the Muslims of Maharashtra and given them a deadline to remove loudspeakers from mosques despite the fact that there is not a single temple, Buddhist monastery, Gurudwara or in Maharashtra without loud speakers.


Meanwhile Pravin Jethewad a Shiv
Shiv Sena leader in response to Raj Thackeray warning has told the Muslim community to ignore Raj Thackeray and approach police in case of any mischief by his supporters and insured them that any hooliganism by MNS supporters will not be tolerated.

In his message Jethewad has appealed ‘Muslim brothers should not make any resistance and should not make any speech against BJP and MNS. It should be totally ignored’

Below is the text of the letter.

Dear                                              Muslim brothers!

From the founding of Islam till today, you have been living according to your own traditions and customs!

Many citizens of this country have converted to Islam and are followers of it.

The Indian Constitution gives freedom of religion to all religions and people of all religions to worship their gods and messengers.

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena president Raj Thackeray has taken a stand against the religion of Islam and Azan during the Ramadan period to save his defunct party and for this he seems to have taken the covert help of Bharatiya Janata Party.

There are loud speakers on all the mosques in Maharashtra and there are loud speakers on all the temples too.

In this country, in the morning Azan is heard and Kakada Aarti is also heard.

No citizen in the country or in Maharashtra has gone to the police station to remove the loud speakers on a religious places or to any political leader, so there is no public complaint.

Therefore, I humbly request the learned Indian Muslim brothers to do the following:

*1) Ignore MNS ultimatum dated May 3, 2022 and if in future BJP and MNS workers are creating problem in front of the mosque, give their CCTV footage to the police.

*2) If You have a list of names of BJP and MNS goons and a video of the movement , give the information and footage to the police..

*3)Muslim brothers should not make any resistance and should not make any speech against BJP and MNS. It should be totally ignored.

*BJP and MNS are trying their best to provoke anti-Hindu sentiments in Maharashtra , to grab votes in election.

*So ignore them and dont not even discuss or participate on TV news channel

*Under the leadership of Shri Uddhavji Thackeray, Maharashtra is calm and will remain calm and we, the coalition government, will protect.

*Maharashtra has already suffered a lot due to denomination ban, lock down, corona, natural calamity, ST workers’ agitation and in addition BJP and MNS will try to spread communal and religious riots!

*No Muslim men, women and organizations in Maharashtra should raise their voice against MNS and BJP’s trumpet movement.

*Ignore the extremes and show Hindu-Muslim unity!

*All Hindus and Buddhists in Maharashtra know that there are loud speakers in all their religious places!

*There is not a single temple, Buddhist monastery, Gurudwara or mosque in Maharashtra without loud speakers !

*On the contrary, we are happy to hear the holy morning prayers, azan, kakada aarti, various aartyas, call of Dattatraya, Buddhist worship!

Jai Hind!                                          Yours sincerely
Pravin Jethewad
Shiv Sena Maharashtra State


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