Lynching spree continues: 80 year old Muslim lynched and burnt alive during Durga Pooja procession in Bihar


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Patna: In a shocking incident, 80-year-old Muslim man was lynched on October 20 while returning from his daughter’s house during a Durga Puja procession.

On 20 October, Bihar’s Sitamarhi witnessed clashes between two groups after a Durga Puja procession was not allowed to pass through a particular area, resulting in the death of one person.

Zainul Ansari bleeding after brutally attacked

Zainul Ansari was dragged and beaten by the mob and then burnt alive. The incident was mostly ignored even though it happened in broad daylight but now pictures and videos have gone gone viral on social media.

The Police have confirmed Ansari was innocent and was targeted while passing through the Durga Pooja procession. Vikash Burman, the Superintendent of Police, Sitamarhi, told The Quint, “Ansari was not part of the two warring sides. He was likely targeted by the mob when he was in the locality.”

Zainul Ansari being burnt alive


Ansari’s burnt corpse was discovered two days later when a Missing Person report was filed.

As per police sources, six FIRs were filed in the matter and 38 people have been arrested so far.Ironically, the cyber crime cell of the police have also sent a notice to Millat Times, the first news portal to have reported the incident, requesting them to take down the video of the incident.


  1. Brutal killing.
    Why procession is required in a society which is not having any morals and lawless.
    Court/administration has to take action.need to regularise celebrations.
    society has become unfit for celebrations.

    • Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. 80 year old lynched and before that a 8 year old student. Only Almighty god knows where is this country heading towards. Agreed with your suggestion that these events and their processions should be regularised. Majority Hindus are peace loving and compassionate people. They will definitely disagree with this sort of mob violence.

  2. Even after 70 years of freedom still country is lawless.
    setright the adminstration first.
    useless UPSC passouts should feel ashame of them for this incident.
    Powers were given to them not for pride but for doing better service to people.

  3. “Allah does not change the condition of a people, who do not change what is in themselves! ” ( Holy Quraan)

    It is sunnah of the companions of the Prophet pbuh to defend their own and family’s honour.

    Hindu brothers do not kill cow, but can butcher elderly and children of human beings and set them on fire, even if half-alive.
    Are these fringe – elements or has intense hatred for Muslims, killing, burning become mainstream Hinduism in Modi’s governance? س
    It is definitely time for mainstream Hindus also to come forward and remind these mob-cowards…”Not in ؛My Name!” before total lawlessness and anarchy set in!

    • Always complaining about Hindus.When hundreds of children were suffocated to death in chemical attack in Syria, then you will remain silent because that does not involve hindu. When ankit saxsena is beheaded in broad daylight then you will not say a word.When Hindus are getting killed in Bengal riots and their mother,sister and daughters are being raped and paraded naked then you will remain silent.

      Being muslim ,you will see pain of muslim victims only.

      • You are also among them dear who cover or ignore a brutal crime to say all these shits ..

        There are some wild people in every community and just because of them unity balance will get disturb every time

        I am proudly an Indian Muslim and against all these if it is about Syrian people about Hindu about Muslims about each and every human..

        Wrong is wrong don’t say any kind of political language shitss and don’t try to give these thing other colours…

        Show unity not division..
        Vande mataram..
        Allah o Akbar
        Sallahu Ala Muhammad
        Sallahu alaeihe wasalam

        • To your comment “you are also among them who cover or ignore a brutal crime……”. Please see the first comment on this news article.

          The only difference between you and me is I don’t give filmy dialogues on good and bad things or people and at large humanity. I say what I see.

          You talk about unity but what you have done for unity Instead of supporting your hindu brothers on Ram temple you are against it. See around yourself and tell me why in all problems of world muslims are always a common party ?

          It has become very easy for political parties to communalize people of other faiths towards Islam, just by showing hatred towards them. Ask yourself why it has become so easy. There has to be something really wrong with Islam/muslims ; why it’s becoming recipient of so much hatred today.

          If a hindu becomes communal, in my opinion blame lies with muslims only.

          Tum mujhe ek baat bataawo yakub menon jab hang kiya gaya toh tumlog kai hajaaro ki taadad me Mumbai ki sadko par utar gaye. Lekin usi samay abdul kalam ka bhi nidhan Hua tha…unke janaaje ne only few hundred muslim came. Why ?

          • Early in our childhood Insteading of seeing a person through his faith and creed we were taught to see a person through his character. It’s easy to blame anyone,I am an Indian and a Muslim,but I do not see all Hindus as communal . As for your misconception about Islam I want you to google these historical figures as a land din Ayyubi,Aisha wife of Prophet Muhammed,Khadiga-wife of prophet Muhammed. I personally ask you to gain information about Our beloved prophet Muhammed from Books and not from the Internet. Adolf Hitler Incirated more than 5 million Jews and killed hundreds and thousands of Gypsies,women and children. Just because he was catholic Christian do I have the right to accuse Christianity as a religion which support terrorism,No. If we want to see communal harmony in our country then we must embrace ourselves as Indians and not as not as Hindus, Muslims,Sikhs,Paris Christians or any other sects,Inshallah.

      • I am a Muslim from Europe. For me life of every human being is valuable and I distinguish between Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist etc. If a person or a group of people commit a crime, it is the fault of the people and not of their religion.

        • Noble thoughts indeed but it’s not realistic. The hard truth is that your religion is root cause of all the problems in the world today. The reason being it’s not compatible at all with people of other faiths.While there are other minorities communities in the country, they have integrated with their country. They are busy working hard and contributing for the development of the country.
          What muslims are doing? They are stuck to identity politics and religion and thus extremism. For them only Muslim victim is real victim.

          • Muslims have contributed more than you think.Remember that India was once ruled by many Muslim dynasties.If these dynasties would have wanted they would have crushed you and would have forcefully converted ,but they respected your religion and let your ancestors live peacefully.As for your wrong concept that Muslims are root cause for problems in our world,I have only one question for you If you believe one religion is primitive,odd and inflexible then why are the people of the west embracing Islam.If you want to know what Islam is learn about Salahuddjn Ayyubi,Aisha mother of the believers, khadigah wife of our prophet and Our beloved prophet ,Muhammed(saw).

      • As it is a A muslim man killed & burnt by hindu Extremist like many before him So we are talking about A muslim man killed & burnt by hindu Extremist PERIOD. Many would get their ass on fire after reading what I’m about to say next, this is what happens when once a renounced terrorist by many become the leader of the country. I always get the impression that muslims in India always have to go out of their way to prove their patriotism, they always try extra hard but the reality is that Muslims will always be 2nd class citizens in India.

        • Congress is favoruite political party for muslims. Go ask your rahul baba these questions because it’s the Congress which has ruled maximum time.

          What I know and can tell you that under Modi government in last 4 years around 100 million people brought up from poverty line. Majority of them are Muslims. Even Microsoft bill gates presented data in a world forum.

          Tum gujrat ki baat toh karoge lekin train kisne jalaaya is par baat nahi karoge.

          Hating Modi is a pathological issue with muslims. But the truth is that it’s the Modi only who is working for reforms in muslim society. Biggest beneficiary of this government are muslim women only. These things will not matter to you because Congress has pampered so deep with their appeasement politics, that you have lost your sight.

          • Oh Hindu.. who ever u r..? I think ur mother or father didn’t gave u a rit leasson on rit time… ur such a b*******e.. v have to need to treat u like a pig donkey.. ur a such a useless guy on earth.. ok

      • The same with u, when Muslims, Sikhs and Christians get raped and burnt alive, u applaud your fellow Hindus.

        INDIA is the only place in the world where raping and killing human beings is less serious than slaughtering a Cow. Fix your immoral cognitive dissonance and hyprocrisy.

        • You slaughter a cow and boast about it. This cannot be tolerated. Hindu activists attacking Christian missionaries because they were wrongfully converting Hindus.

          As far as killing of Sikhs and Muslims are concerned, go ask your janewdhari shiv Bhakt Rahul baba. Because this all happened under their rule. Just for your information, more than 5000 Muslims have been killed under congress rule alone. Muslim will not talk about this because congress ne puchkar kar appeasement ka lollipop de diya aur gujrat ka jhunjhuna haath me pakda diya.

    • Hindus are your brothers this is the problem with pussy indians like you they love sucking hindu dick and there nationalism about india you deserve everything coming

  4. And Kashmiri Muslims and Pakistan demads that Kashmir join Pakistan. What will then happen to Muslim in India?

    If any territorial status of on an Inch of land in Kashmir is changed in favor of Pakistan then imagine the plight of Muslims living in India. I doubt any Muslim will then voluntarily want to live in India.

    If Muslim retaliate violently then who India will become Gujarat or Myanmar.

    Muslim need to win confidence of Majority community…else it will be difficult for coming Muslim Generations to fully assimilate into mainstream.

    My suggestions…
    Help India to integrate Kashmir Muslim into India. TV image where Muslims are abusing India, Hindus, Soldiers do not go well with Indian masses and they take their anger on Muslims living in India. Indians are also influenced by watching what repercussions Muslim are facing in Myanmar and China.

    Watch sensitives of Hindus and control Owaisis type speeches. This not 1947 and there is no British Government. Today even, Congress has become Shiv Bhakat and
    Mamta is giving money to Durga Pandals. These secular leaders will not go further on Muslims issues but watch their own interests.

    While I fully and personally condemn what is happening in country it is imperative that Muslims too become Secular if they wish Hindus to remain Secular for them and not become Hindus.

    • Very well said brother! But your appeal will fall on deaf ears, because Muslims of this country have hidden agenda to weaken the majority and our country to live their ‘gazwa e hind’ dream.

      They cannot be trusted. So, let go your ultra secular sentiments. I don’t mind becoming communal if it helps my country and safeguards Hindu interests.

  5. you know what… this is full of shit… firat you wanna go and pray and act all holy.. den u commit a sin. whats worse is that after all this you will go jump in a river akd pretend your sins hav been washed… like wtf… whats fhe use of all these prayers and hypocritc devotion if u are not even humane.

    • You don’t have to lecture me on my faith and religion I follow. If I consider taking dip in Ganges with religious inclination; I don’t see why it should be a problem to you. For my sins or any karma I am answerable to my god.

      I see where you going with your comments by discrediting ‘Kumbh mela’.

    • To hell with jinnah…he definitely was not a prophet nor even a religious scholar, just a Shi’a sectarian English knowing power-hungry politician who was probably never even photographed praying Salah/namaz anywhere or ever gone to Mecca to wash his sins. Jinnah led so many astray even though Maulana Azad and Gandhiji tried to make him and Nehru see reason.

  6. This is a total shame on the govt letting loose it’s activits to do as they please….this is a democratic country and every one equal rights. If a citizen belonging to ant religion irrespective of the celebrations going is not safe let’s not celebrate…..stop such celebration it’s brutal and inhumane can’t you see a boy next to a man who has no emotion even though he is witnessing such a brutal crime….this is our next generation and new Hitler’s are born to be moral brutal and inhumane than their parents how could a celebration happen without police protection…it can’t be allowed and capital punishment must be practiced in current system has soo many loopholes and it’s encourages them more as only limited period in prison and they are free again
    To do more…no capital punishment

    • Capital Punishment.. cool.
      Muslim want 4 wives, instant talaq to replace any wife, women or marriage as a contract to produce Jihadis and if a man can’t do the job then Halala Mullas to impregnate Muslim women, men be able to beat wife because it all in Quran. If Hindus do not agree to it then Hindus are communal and not Secular. In other words, Muslim has to stay Muslim and Hindu is required to be Secular.

      Hey.. it not your country anymore. Move to your sweet Pakistan.

      If Muslim want Quran, then full Quran should be imposed on them like public flogging, limb chopping etc as per quran and being practiced in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia.. Muslim countries.

      At least this will bring revenue.


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