M.J. Akbar : BJP’s Scapegoat or Modi’s Trump card

M J Akbar

By Arshad Mohsin

For those who know PM Modi as a politician alone hardly know a thing about him. On the chessboard of Indian politics he is the only master and everybody else is a pawn. He chooses his moves at his own whim and fancy keeping even his own shadow speculating. He’s a puppeteer par excellence and the puppets including his ministers are nothing but his fidayeen (suicidal squads).


As for M.J. Akbar, this man sold out his soul far too late in his career as a frustrated journalist. For a little bit of physical comfort and some negligible temporal power in the last leg of his life, he made a deal of whatever literary or intellectual capital he had. But according to his political adversaries, he actually made the last deal of his life with the merchant of death himself.

So what, if the whole world knows that the biggest #MeToo moment of India was openly smashed by the Snoopgate squadron of Modi’s Janissaries. This pre-election #MeToo like every other media driven BJP’s flagship specter has its origin and command in a single hand with complete power to turn this artificial tide as and when he deems fit.

For those who still believe in the media reports should read only the previous headlines of all the major news outlets or channels on the day of the elections or of a day before. Everything will become crystal clear. Even the fate of MJ Akbar.

People In a banana republic hardly see a thing with their own eyes. They see what the showman wants them to see. Or else they would know that the (not so ) honorable Indian supreme court has already granted an open permission for illegitimate fornication now even with a married women too. They call it live-in relationship. Since when has molestation become a crime in LGBT run India?

The molestation or sexual misconduct claims and counterclaims have always been an election issue in the west especially in America for ages. It helps women choose a sexier candidate. Remember how what had happened to Monica Lewinsky in the oval (oral) office of the white house had helped Bill Clinton to be re-elected as the president of the almighty America. India is on the path of becoming a super power. M.J. Akbar has only been adding to the power of India from his Asian age cubical to the plush five star rooms abroad. He is sumptuous not voluptuous.

#MeToo is not about sexual misconduct, it’s a blessing in disguise and the best planed diversion from the Rafael scam which was getting out of the master’s control and still has the potential to dent the electoral carrier of the BJP in the parliamentary race. If M J Akbar was to be fired for his alleged touch and  feel yogic postures in the cubical of his Asian age office nearly two decades ago, his master Modi would have sent his replacement in a chartered plane to his location in Nigeria while himself appearing on a national TV channel giving Indians another demonetization type specter ejecting the Muslim face of his cabinet on moral grounds. But he wouldn’t do that. The game has just begun.

MeToo is the most suitable digression for the voting fools of mother India. With the economy spiraling down,  rupee plunging like a waterfall, unemployment at an all-time high, North Indians being dragged out of their homes in Gujarat and beaten to death forcing mass exodus, Gujarati thugs (the likes of Ambanis, Adanis, Mehuls, Modis ) milking the national treasury dry , Indian police being forced to shoot innocent citizens from Kashmir to UP, lacs of small and medium range companies being stricken out , their accounts being frozen and attached, and intellectuals voicing dissent being booked under sedition, something is urgently needed to divert people’s attention.

People are awakened they must fall asleep to forget the real issues. Who better than the actors of the silver screen (Tanushree Dutta to Nana Patekar to Kangna Ranaut to Sajid Khan ) can help lull the voters to a short sleep until the votes are casted and counting ends. MeToo too will vanish from the minds of the poor Indian citizens post-election like every other Tamesha did. Once upon a time there was a RathYatra, a GauravYatra, a ShahBano  , a BoforsScam, a GhareebRally, a FodderScam, a MassMurder, a MuzaffarNagar , a 2G Scam, to name a few, now lost in the pages of history.

MJ Akbar has been given a role to play. In his contract with the BJP he’s a performer and not a writer of the act. He will do nothing to undermine Modi’s ambition to remain the eternal Prime Minister of India. After all he has promised his master to help him prove that Plastic surgery and cloning were commonplace in ancient India in Mahabharata days, that Taxila university has landslided from Pakistan into Bihar and that the Bihari exodus from Gujarat is a rush for admission and not due to any kind of oppression, that Nala-Gas will end the global energy crisis, that Anil and Mukesh Ambani are Right Brothers who invented the aero plane now called Rafael, that the Iron man of India was really made of Iron imported from China, that his growing fairness is not due to the alleged consumption of some Taiwanese mushroom but by Patanjali Saundarya Swarn Kanti cream, that the helicopters, seaplanes and private jets he has been using in his elections since Gujarat has been lent to him by his Muslim childhood friend and that MeToo is Indian women’s desire to speak their Mann Ki Baat but people are miscomprehending it as Tan Ki Baat.


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