Madhya Pradesh mulls law against alleged love jihad, 5 years jail term proposed


Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra on Tuesday said the state government will introduce a Bill prohibiting marriage on the basis of religious conversions in the state. This Bill, he said, will be passed as the Madhya Pradesh Religious Freedom Bill, 2020, which declares forceful religious conversions and love-jihad as a non-bailable offence wherein the main accused and his/her associates in crime will be awarded a rigorous punishment upto five years.

A few days ago, in a high-level meeting with state officials, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had promised to bring in a law against love-jihad in the state. The CM had said  love-jihad and marriage on the pretext of religious conversion in any form will not be tolerated as it is an illegal and unlawful activity so a law will soon be made to curb it.

The notion of love jihad was initiated by Hindu right-wing groups alleging that Muslim men are running a jihadist campaign to trap Hindu women in romantic relationships and marry them after getting them converted to Islam.

Source: IANS (Inputs added)


  1. 5 years in jail for both the ?jihadi male and the Hindu Manuwadi–rebel female.

    The marriage cannot be annulled by Court, only by the 2 adult citizens !

    So they can still be husband and wife after they come out of jail after 5 years.

    MP govt can even give the couple family prisoner status while in jail, and they can do ”chakki-peesing” together for progress of Hindu rashtra in jail like happy family. If any children born in family,they can safely be named Luv, Kush, Dharma, Satya, Khushi, etc.

    Many ideas possible in LOVE and Humanity..
    Romeo and Juliet.


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