Madhya Pradesh: Muslim student beaten up for talking to Hindu girl

Shabaz being brutally attacked by Hindutva goons.

By Muslim Mirror Network

A Muslim college student in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, was slapped and assaulted with sticks by a Hindutva group for conversing with a Hindu female who is his friend from the same college.


The computer science master’s student was conversing with a friend about studies and books when a group of Hindutva activists pulled him away and thrashed him severely with sticks.

Although the student, Shehbaz, filed a complaint against the assailants, no one has been detained as of yet.

A journalist from Madhya Pradesh named Kashif Kakvi claimed that the attackers belonged to Hindu Jagran Munch.

Additionally, the attackers pressured the girl’s family to accuse Shahbaz of molestation.


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