Maharashtra governor applauds Muslim NGO for providing ration kits to 5000 poor students and their families during lockdown

Governor of Maharashtra

By Imran Inamdar | Muslim Mirror

Mumbai: During pandemic when entire country was under lockdown for nearly two months to break the chain of Corona spread and all  economic activities were stopped  millions of  students form working class families  who were depending on  midday meal provided by schools were adversely affected.


In such pathetic condition a Maharashtra based Education society” Yateem khana and Madarasa Anjuman- E-Khairul Islam”Mumbai, came out to feed not only  their students but  their families too and  distributed around 5000 monthly ration kits in Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar . This NGO also provided 60 tons of fodder to horses, pony, cow and camels living in Hill station (Mahabaleshwar).

Governor of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari took notice of this education society’s services and invited its members and teachers to governor House and felicitated them.

‘Fear of corona infection and lockdown had locked the daily wages of the people because all the bread winning members were at home. Our thousands of students are from working class, their suffering appealed us to come out with relief work” Hani Farid general secretary of Anjuman- E-Khairul Islam  told Muslim Mirror.

He said that after having virtual discussion with our society members and teachers we started distributing kits among students, and Alhamdulillah we managed to reach around five thousand students.

Informing about the kit, Hani said ‘It consisted of all the grocery items  which was sufficient for a family of four members  for a month’.

Hani shared their experience with the governor and said, we really felt honored that humbled that the Honorable  Governor took notice of our relief work.We had a fruitful discussion on humanity, education and relief work during our half an hour meeting with the Governor ‘ he added.

Hani thanked police department and his faculty members, teachers and colleagues for extending helping hand in this humanitarian deed.

Shabana Shaikh, head Mistress of Anjuman- E-Khairul Islam high school ( Mahabaleshwar ) said ‘ we had distributed around 2000 kits our school students and other needy people like tourist guides, taxi drivers etc. She said that our city is a famous hill station, wherein animals like horses are used for tourist and transport purpose but during lockdown these animals were equally battling with food shortage. Thanks to our society people for arranging fodder for them’.

Importantly,the  Society has spent more than 30 lakh rupees on this noble cause by raising funds from its members and well-wishers.

According Mumbai school teacher Ziyauddin Momin and Rehan Ansari ‘tracing addresses of 3000 students in Mumbai city was a  challenging job but team work , dedication and hard work of teachers and management made it possible’.

President of Horse and Pony Association, Mahabaleshwar, District Sayaray Javed  Kharkhande and other members thanked   Anjuman- E-Khairul Islam  through a letter for feeding their 147 horses during lockdown. They said that AKI’s humanitarian deed will also be remembered.

Anjuman- E-Khairul Islam was established in 1927, it has 37 primary and high schools (Urdu Medium) , 9 colleges and 4 orphanages at various parts of the state, nearly 22000 students are enrolled in it’s institutions and 700 orphans are getting benefit from this Society.



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