Manipur sets example: Becomes first state to pass anti mob lynching bill

Mob beating 26-year-old Farooq Khan

By Muslim Mirror News

Imphal : Responding to the horrific incidents of mob lynchings, the Manipur government on Wednesday decided to introduce a bill called the Manipur Mob Violence Control and Prohibition Bill in the Legislative Assembly.The bill recommends life imprisonment for those involved in mob violence, if it results in the death of a person.


The bill was passed by the state Assembly unanimously on Friday. The bill was moved by the Chief Minister N Biren Singh, who also holds charge of the Home department.

In September, a man was lynched at Tharoijamm in Thoubal district for allegedly trying to steal a scooter. The shocking incident, caught on camera, has resulted in the arrest of five people, including the man whose vehicle was allegedly being stolen and personnel of the India Reserve Battalion. Additionally, four police officers who were present at the spot of the attack, but did nothing, have been suspended.

“The rate of awarding instant punishment by mobs without any fair trial is increasing each day in the state,” said Minister for Public Works Thongam Biswajit to Imphal Free Press. “As such, the new bill would be introduced in the House to check such injustice.”

In July this year, Supreme Court while condemning the incidents of mob lynching across the country, had urged the Parliament to enact a law to deal with the crime and also directed all states to take preventive, remedial and punitive steps.

In recent years majority of the cases of mob lynchings over suspicion of cow theft, smuggling and child lifting etc happened mostly in BJP ruled states where a large number of poor Muslims, Dalits and marginalized sections were targeted.





  1. Congratulations Manipur. Also enact a law to imprison a person to prevents cow slaughter and who allows his cows to go stray on roads.

  2. Can Muslim remove Jihad and Kafir from Quran at least living in overwhelmimg non Muslim countries?

    It will bring a lot of peace to Muslims.

  3. Sure.. I endorse you. Since Muslims want to be governed by Quran.. like four wives, instant 3 seconds Divorce, wife sharing in Halala then Muslim should also follow same Quran as is followed in Saudi Arabia and many other countries and ask for Islamic or Quranic sentencing for crimes for Muslims like Public Flogging, Limb Chopping.

    I have never understood why Muslims discard criminal sentencing laws in Quran? Is that portion like flogging, limb chopping not word in Quran are not word of God as they say Quran is

      • Hindus should DEMAND full application of Quran if Muslim want to follow Quran and not constitution.

        Hindus should DEMAND Public Flogging, Limb Chopping and Stoning by Death for Muslims wherever it is proscribed in Quran.

        Muslim today follow only bedroom related sex Laws like four wives, instant Talaq, wife sharing in Halala..marrying young girls to older men for limited time (Mutah).

        Enforce full Quran including requirements of a Male relative’s approval when a Muslim woman go out to do anything as in Saudi Arabia.


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