‘Marks jihad,’ another Islamophobic bigotry started by DU professor over Kerala students scoring 100%

DU professor Rakesh Kumar Pandey

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Rakesh Kumar Pandey, an associate professor at Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College and a columnist for OpIndia, has now coined ‘marks jihad’ to express his hate-filled sentiments over selection of a large number of students from Kerala for admission to DU colleges.

He has reportedly started an online campaign alleging that there is a “Leftist-jihadi conspiracy” behind ”over admission” of students from Kerala.


“A college had to admit 26 students in a course having 20 seats only because they all had 100 percent marks from Kerala board. For last few years, Kerala board is implementing -#MarksJihad,” Rakesh Pandey, physics professor at DU’s Kirori Mal College, posted on Facebook earlier this week.

Pandey is the former president of RSS-backed teachers organisation, National Democratic Teachers Front.

Shashi Tharoor, Congress MP from Kerala, took note of the Islamophobic remarks made by Pandey. ” I’ve always decried the over-reliance on marks as the main criterion for DU admission,but this is ridiculous,” he said in a tweet.

”If “Jihad” means a struggle (with yourself above all), the Kerala students scoring 100% have struggled against the odds to get to DU. Interview them first if you wish before letting them in, but don’t demonise their marks! This anti-Kerala bias must end now!” he added


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