Dr. Maryam Afifa Ansari to become the youngest neurosurgeon from Muslim community


By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent

New Delhi: Dr. Maryam Afifa Ansari, who has secured admission for a postgraduate course in neurosurgery at Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, is set to become the youngest neurosurgeon from India’s Muslim community following completion of her degree in three years.

She had gotten 137th rank in the All India NEET SS exams held in 2020.


Interestingly, Ms. Ansari, who has left many amazed with continuous successes, has been educated in Urdu medium schools till 10th class.

She studied till seventh class in the Tahzeen High School in Malegaon, Maharashtra. Then, she moved to Hyderabad and took admission to Princess Durrushawar Girls High School. She was a topper in her school in the 10th class examination and also a gold medalist.

After completing intermediate from MS Junior College, Hyderabad with the top rank, Afifa managed to take admission in MBBS at Osmania Medical College free of cost.

She received five gold medals during her MBBS course. After completing her course in 2017, she succeeded to get admission for a masters course in general surgery in the same college for free.

In 2019, she completed a postgraduate degree, MRCS, from Royal College of Surgeon, England.

In 2020, she did the Diplomate of National Board course. This is a special postgraduate degree awarded to the Specialist Doctors in India. After scoring high in the 2020 NEET SS exams, she was granted free admission in MCH at the Osmania Medical College.

Speaking to Muslim Mirror, she said ” my success is a gift from Allah and a responsibility’ .

She would try to serve the community through her profession, she added.

‘Don’t give up, never let anyone say you can’t do it… Prove them wrong, by achieving it, she said in her message to Muslim girls.

Ms. Ansari’s continuous hard work has helped her cross every hurdle on the path of success. She is an inspiration for the young generation in India.


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  1. There is no doubt in it that your achievement is the biggest gift from Allah SWT. May Allah give you many more successes in future also.

  2. “Maine Din Raat Ki Mehnat Se Ise Paaya Hai

    Tumko Lagta Hai Ki Ye Muft Ka Sarmaya Hai”

    All the best for your bright future and may Allah bless you with healing hands and compassionate heart

  3. Marian Afifa, we, the management students and staff of Princess Durru Shehwar Girls High school, are proud of your achievements. We pray to Allah for your success in your profession and life.

    -Masood Ahmed Khan, member of Minhajush Sharqia Education Society

  4. Great, appreciable and praisable for her hard work and patience to achieve this goal. Congratulations to her parents for supporting her for this great success. It is my heartly blessing her for success and hope she serves the community and country people with her talent.
    Dr. Sardar Ali

    • You deserve the best degree of appreciation across the continent as it’s nothing short of an achievement in a life time. God bless Afia .

  5. Muslimmirror is best media to publish real facts of the society to encourage the community towards right path of life both about the world life and after the end of life. I am always with the thoughts of the mirror.
    Dr. Sardar Ali

  6. May Allah bestow on you mazeed barkate’n rehmate’ and grant a long , happy and successful professional career full of achievements and service to humanity. Keep you steadfast on Iman.

  7. Mabrook ,dear sister,tum qaum ka ser ooncha ker diya allah tumhen deno dunya aur akhirat ki saari bhalaiyan den.tumhen her tarah ke shar aur gumrahi se bachae ameen .masha allah bete

  8. My name is Kashif, I am a Mechanical Engineer from Australia. Background Hyderabadi but now an Australian citizen, I would like to discuss marriage prospects with Dr Afifia. Kindly reply to this comment for more details or search me on LinkedIn- Kashif Mohammed-

  9. MashaAllah tabarakAllah Mabrook congratulations sister. We are proud of you may Allah SWT grant you all the success and happiness in this life and the hereafter. Keep up the good work. Allah is with you

  10. Very great news. Mubarik Beti..
    Dr. Maryam, my dua for you for more success and serve the humanity.
    London, Ontario – Canada.

  11. Hearty congratulations Dr Afifa great achievement. It is great honor n inspiration to muslim community. ALLAH S.W.T grant u success in every field in future.

  12. Dearest Maryam, as your teacher at M. S. College,I saw you growing up from an ambitious, hardworking,dedicated and extremely humble young girl into an accomplished Doctor who is now Alhamdulillah an example and inspiration for all the other young girls and an asset for the entire ummah.You have proved that sky is the limit for those who are steadfast in their efforts.May Allah SWT bless you with everything good and beautiful. Ameen. ALL OF US AT M. S. COLLEGE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU.

  13. You go girl! MashaAllah from one female to another from USA your news made my day and was inspring. I love your humble response as well.

  14. May Allah bestow on you mazeed barkate’n rehmate’ and grant a long , happy and successful professional career full of achievements and service to humanity. Keep you steadfast on Iman

  15. Masha Allah…Its great achievement ,proud moments for the community. My God bless u, serve the humanity serve the community .

  16. Asalaamualikum,
    One marriage proposal for my Sister Dr Maryam Afifa from Kashmir. My Friend is currently doing DM Radiology and I request to Teacher Asra Fatima to help me in the same.
    Hope so.
    Nisar Ahmad
    Contact 9906632285

  17. Hearty congratulations Dr Afifa great achievement. May God bless you with more success in future.
    You are n inspiration for youngsters.

  18. We proud upon her intelligence by which she has proved that if you want to be succeeds in the life you should do hard work & should be honest to your career there is no barrier to controls if you try to proof the life,

  19. किस हॉस्पिटल मे आप अपने काम को अंजाम देने वाली हो या खुद्द का हॉस्पिटल शूरु कर रंही हो इसकी पब्लिसिटी करो ताकी लोंगोको समझे


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