Mastermind of vigilante attack on Muslim meat seller arrested in UP

Twitter/Moradabad Police

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh Police on Friday arrested Manoj Thakur, head of a self-styled cow vigilante group that attacked a Muslim meat seller, Shakir Qureshi, in Koad village in Moradabad district of the state.

He was arrested after a manhunt of five days, Rashid Khan, a police officer at Katghar station was quoted as saying by The Clarion India.


One more accused was arrested along with Thakur. Earlier, four other accused were arrested in the case, the Moradabad Police said in a tweet.

On 16 May, they caught hold of Shakir when he was carrying buffalo meat. They assaulted him alleging that he was carrying cow meat. They further demanded Rs.50,000 from him. After beating him badly, they handed him over to the police.

Instead of taking immediate action against the assailants, the police first arrested the victim, Shakir, on charges of carrying meat without having a permit and not wearing face mask.

They took action against the cow vigilantes only after a video of the incident went viral, drawing ire from people on social media.


  1. In lawless UP, the lynched victim is always made the accused by the biased police so as to not aggravate the matter. This is the same story in most BJP ruled states. The sanghi goons who have been so much brainwashed against the Muslims that they have the audacity to first carry out their act and at the same time to video it and make it viral on the net. Humanity is dead and animals are getting more respect here.


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