Mateen Jamadar scores 600 out of 600 in Karnataka PUC exam

Mateen Jamadar with his parents

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Mateen Jamadar, a student belonging to a village in Karnataka’s Gulbarga city, has made his family and community proud by scoring 600 out of 600 in the state’s pre-university course (PUC/intermediate) exam. He had obtained 619 marks out of 625 in the 2018 SSLC exam.


Mateen’s father Nabisaab Jamadar is a mason. They live in a slum in their village.

Several prominent personalities have hailed Mateen’s remarkable success. Officials of the Karnataka government are among those who have congratulated him.

Mohammad Mohsin, Principal Secretary Revenue (R & R). Govt of Karnataka tweeted that the ”proud son of poor Mason” from Gulbarga has made a record of his marks. Congratulations.

Directorate of Minority Welfare, Govt of Karnataka wrote on Twitter, ”Congratulations & proud of Mateen Jamadar on scoring perfect score in PUC Exams. Our Dept is providing scholarship to such ideal students to provide them better opportunities for higher education & create bright future.”


  1. Very Inspiring. Just don’t fall in Jihadi Crap, and start hating India and Hindus. No Gajwa either. Study hard you boy. May Allah bless you.

    • How about you do the same Mr? Instead of being vile in your speech speak gently so you’ll expect gentleness from others. The country is already so right wing polarized that minorities are unsafe at the top of the hate-crimes index.
      All it takes is a few polite words to build bonds of brotherhood

    • Hindustani aka Gaandustani,

      And here comes another neech ghatya jealous Hindu with his smelly ass trolling. LOL No wonder Hindus are hated. There’s nothing wrong with Jihad, pagan piss drinker. India can make great progress once the barbaric cult of Hinduism and Hindu radicals are flushed down the toilet.

    • First, learn the meaning of Jihad you Sanghi moron. Jihad means to struggle against any form of injustice, just like this boy did against poverty. Better keep control of your toxic tongue and stay away from those Hindutva terror organizations that are propagating hate-filled ideology against fellow Muslims.

    • Dear Bro, change your perceptions of Jihadis, there are no jihadis as you have been told in this part of the world…we are all proud Hindustani’s here, our roots are engraved in this soil, please don’t be under any doubt about it.
      A proud Indian.

  2. he has given message to all students and parents that poverty is not barrier for education if parents encourage to study and students dedicate to do hard work in study. A BIG SALUTE TO HIM AND HIS PARENTS, YOU MADE THEM PROUD.

  3. Mateen congratulations keep it up.. continue ur hardwork till u reach ur goal..don’t forget Allah, always pray to Allah

  4. Congratulations! We required students like him for serving the nation and now that immediately the scholarships and monetary help should be given by government of karnataka and a good
    guidelines and guidance should be taken care of him for fulfilling his career goals without further delay .Hopefully by the grace of Almighty God the real Golden days of this boy are started right now onwards. I wish him :- GOD bless him 🙌

  5. આ સીતારો એક બીજો કલામ બનશે.આટલી મહાન સીદધી મેળવવી જેવી તેવી સફળતા મેળવનાર આવા દેશ તથા દુનિયા માટે હજારો સલામ કરૂં છું ્્આ્્ના્્આ્્્્આ્્ના્્આ્્્્આ્્ના્્આ્્્્આ્્હ જોશે.

  6. Well done Mateen and salute to his parents for encouraging him to achieve super target despite odd difficulties.
    Good wishes for his bright future.

  7. Well done bravo keep it up congratulation to & ur parents , Allah make success to u in every field of dunina & akhirah, I make specially dua for you,

  8. Is the family looked after and do they need any assistance as the father is a mason and due to Covid his earnings will be affected.

  9. Please provide the contact number of this family if anybody can this is great achievement should be homered.

  10. Mashallah well done Mateen, you are a role model to millions around you. May Allah bless you with great success and humility. Ameen


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