Maulana Maududi never preached or supported violence, says AMU professor

Prof .Obaidullah Fahad

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Aligarh Muslim University professor Obaidullah Fahad has said that 20th-century Islamic scholar Abul A’la al-Maududi never supported violence, terrorism or any “undemocratic means or underground activity”.


“I have been studying Maududi and teaching his literature from last 50 years, supervised PhDs on him, wrote books in Urdu and English about him, but I didn’t find a single line of him in support of terrorism or violence, he asserted. 

“From the very beginning, he kept saying that if we have to work for Islam then we will have to adopt the method of Prophet Muhammad – peaceful, democratic and constitutional method,” said  Prof Fahad who is a renowned scholar with over two dozen books to his credit.

Recently, hatemonger Madhu Kishwar along with other right-wing scholars have written an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking a ban on what they called “jihadi curriculum”. After that, AMU decided to drop references to Maududi and another Islamic writer Syed Qutub from the syllabus of its Islamic Studies department in order to “avoid any controversy”.

Speaking to the media over the same, Prof Fahad said that the work of Maududi is currently being strongly objected to just because he was the biggest Islamic scholar of the 20th century and he has influenced the entire Muslim world as well as Europe and the US.

“He emerged as the strongest voice against western colonisation. That’s why there is plenty of content against him in the western literature,” Prof Fahad added.


  1. We Muslims do need to justify every time Bhagwadari targeted us. Otherwise, it will be a habitual routine for us to justify for every Dog barking against us. This way Bhagwadari want to keep Muslim community busy in unnecessary things without keeping us to concentrate on our empowerment.

  2. Professor obaidullah fahad is either deliberately trying to hoodwink the public about Islamist ideology of Syed Maududi Or is unaware of Syed Maududi’s Islamist ideology. Syed maududi calls democracy an evil, and modern day Constitution unislamic, and calls upon Muslims to fight for establishing Islamic State. The vicious ideology of maududi has put hundreds of muslim men on the path of self annihilation over the years from Kashmir to Bangladesh. It needed to be banned. Glad that it is finally being fixed.


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