Maulana Wali Rahmani makes a U-turn on ‘Triple Talaq Bill’ , calls off agitations against the Bill

Maulana Wali Rahmani

By M M Special Correspondent

New Delhi: In a surprise move the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has called off nationwide agitations against Triple Talaq Bill of Modi government.


Board’s general secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani  in a press release has instructed to wind up all agitations planned  against Triple Talaq Bill  being held across the country.

Maulana Rahmani didn’t give any clarification regarding his U-Turn on  the agitation.

Interestingly the 4th April protest which is scheduled for tomorrow has been exempted from his wind-up message.

It should be noted that Board’s decision to include Muslim women in the protest ware being criticized from many quarters.

On the contrast Maulana Rahmani has appealed to the well-wishers of the community surrounding Delhi –NCR to bring Muslim women in large numbers to Ramlila Maidan and make the event a grand sucess.

Maulana didn’t  mention the reason behind his sudden decision to call off all protests and agitations against Triple Talaq Bill being held under All India Muslim Personal Law Board across the country, nor he clarified whether the aim of the protests and agitations have been achieved.


  1. With friends like these (ghar ko aag lagee, ghar ke cheeragh se), Muslims in India don’t need any “foes” from outside (be it BJP, RSS, Congress, or any other). When shall we learn to co-exist w/o disuniting? As a devil’s advocate, what will be the reply if one asks, “money was offered”. They were easily tradable. What a disgrace and deflecting attention on trivial issues. Go after jobs,vikas, roti, kapra, makan. Anyway, if my comments hurt you, I apologize. Truth is bitter. Spade has to be called a spade. Right?

  2. I think this is part of a strategy as summer started it would be difficult for women to come for protest. So don’t say it is U- turn

  3. Dear special correspondent,
    You should be thankful that our honorable PM has scrapped the Smriti Irani order to curb the menace of fake news reporters. This piece of reporting here falls under somewhat similar category. Before writing any news further you’re advised to do the homework. It was pre-planned to carry out silent protest across the country till 4th April considering the parliament session schedule. Furthermore, they needed an extensive preparation of the 15th April protest at Gandhi Maidan, Patna.
    I think you’re drenched in some kind of presumption like every other learned liberals and seculars that a Maulana cannot be a good administrator, advisor, leader or scholar. Please do not fall prey to the venomous agenda of communal and divisive forces and use your own consciousness before writing or reporting anything in future.

  4. Noorus Saleheen.
    We have uploaded the PR of Board so that esteemed readers like you not live in confusion.
    MM Team


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