May this year bring to an end the pandemic raging

This 21st year of the 21st-century,

May it be a harbinger of glad tidings,

May it roar in like a storm unparalleled in memory

And be known for ever as momentous and defining.


May it bring to an end the pandemic raging,

May it heal and comfort those who are ailing

Their every breath a torture, inhaling & exhaling

May its advent announce the science’s prevailing.


Over conspiracy theories dogma and ignorance,

And superstitions causing hindrance

In the journey of man towards progress,

In which greed may never cause distress.


May it dawn like a river in spate

Washing away filth so that beauty may shine again,

May it make class and character regain

The footing they had lost-in the Trumpian tide of hate.


May this be the year where tyrants like Sisi, MBS,

Bolsonaro, Modi, MBZ and others

May bite the dust along with oppressors like Nethanyahu

And the greedy CEOs of Facebook, Google and Yahoo.


May this be the year humans realize

They have no right to destroy the earth

May this year finally give birth

To life saving climate compromise


May The Just and Merciful Creator

Bless this twenty first year

Of the twenty first century

And make it remarkable in history.



Penned by Dr. Shaik  Ubaid

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