Mayawati says SP Meerut behaviour ”unfortunate”


Lucknow, Dec 29 Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) president Mayawati on Sunday slammed the Meerut Superintendent of Police (SP) for his alleged statement in a viral video and said that his conduct was ”condemnable and unfortunate”.

She said in a tweet that, “Muslims living in the country including Uttar Pradesh for years are Indians, not Pakistanis. During protests against the CAA-NRC, the communal language/remarks by the Meerut SP on them are extremely condemnable and unfortunate.”

Mayawati also demanded an inquiry of the incident and said that the police officer should be dismissed, if found guilty.

“A high-level judicial inquiry should be held against all such policemen and if found guilty, they should be immediately dismissed from the job. This is the demand of BSP,” she said in another tweet.

Meerut Superintendent of Police, Akhilesh Narain Singh, was caught on camera asking the anti-CAA protesters in the city to ”go to Pakistan”. He had explained on Saturday that he was compelled to make such statements as the demonstrators were shouting ”Pakistan Zindabad” slogans.


  1. Who has selected this person for police? Police selection team totally needs to be revamped.
    As of me this fellow do not even deserve to become security.

  2. This person needs to be terminated from service bcos he knows that he is doing wrong.
    Protest is going for anti CAA and this fellow asking people to go pakistan.


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