Meet the 18 year old Kashmiri girl who got admission offer from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania

Adeeba Tak

By Hanan Zaffar,

Srinagar March 30: In a first, a Kashmiri girl Adeeba Tak, 18, has got admission offer from University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), USA to pursue bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Tak, hailing from Shopian in south Kashmir, has been offered 100 percent scholarship by the institute.

UPenn is one the most prestigious universities of the world and boasts of producing 30 Nobel laureates, 25 billionaires – the most by any University at undergraduate level – and a significant number of Fortune 500 CEOs.

Jubilant over her success Adeeba while speaking to Muslim Mirror said “I plan to go for further studies but that is all I can think of right now. I believe that studying at UPenn for four years will make me aware of myself as well the whole world in a better manner and it will enable me to make a better choice about my future.”

Adeeba also thanked her mentors for helping her achieve what she always dreamed of. “I attribute this success to my parents and my family. Besides, the teachers at Shah-I-Hamdan, Greenland Higher Secondary and Rise Institute have had a huge contribution to my success,” she said.

Adeeba hopes to become an aeronautical engineer in future. When asked about difficulties girls face in a place like Kashmir to pursue their dreams, she points out “When you dare to dream, you should have the courage and the determination to achieve your dreams. I know, being in a patriarchal society, you will face a lot of problems and challenges, but you should be willing to fight against the stereotypes of the conservative society. Don’t let your gender decide what you can do and what you can be.”

Buoyed by her success, Mubeen Masoodi, her mentor and faculty at the RISE center where she studied for the examinations said “Adeeba always had the potential to excel. The first time we noticed that was when she topped the rise talent search examination in the Kashmir valley (among 15000 students). Since that day we counseled and advised her on what would be best for her. It’s only because of her hard work and trust in us she has achieved this feat. I was always confident in her abilities, and am sure this is just a start for her incredible professional career ahead.”



  1. My personal, heartfelt congratulations to Adeeban Tak. Feel free to communicate with me. Alhamdulillah, all my 3-kids, including a girl, youngest, now 41.5 years, were of your caliber, Ivy Leaguer, an honor indeed. Don’t get stuck with the choice of Major/minor, Pursue what you enjoy most @ UPenn. Their Wharton School is world- class. Be in the first five in the class whatever you pursue. And you will, inshaAllah, Ameen! Thum Ameen! Ya Rabbul Aalameen!


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