Meet Youtubers who provide free content in Urdu to help students during pandemic

By Sobiya Inamdar

New Delhi/Mumbai: In the past one year of Covid-19 pandemic, several Youtube channels have emerged that provide content related to all subjects in Urdu. The need for providing content in Urdu was felt after online class was opted as an alternative to offline class due to Covid-19 but there was not much virtual content available in the language.

Afreen shaikh from Solapur, Maharashtra has uploaded over 300 videos on her YouTube channel “Smart Learning with Afreen” within the span of past six-seven months. .Her  video includes textual notes, grammar, question paper solving, writing skills, tests etc, that too in all the subjects like history, geography, mathematics, Urdu and so on.

She makes minimum one video  a day. It does require really hardwork and dedicated and great dedication to do what she is doing.

45 year old Intekhab Sheikh from Pune spent Rs. 50,000 from his own pocket to buy gadgets, applications and other stuff required to edit useful educational videos. He has also made over 243 videos mostly related to Hindi, history and Urdu subjects. He has named his channel “Mukalma” [Dialogue].

Rizwan Sayed (Hamnawa) who is associated with Hasmiya Urdu High school, Mumbai makes videos for high school students and upload on his channel called ”Rahbar Academy”. He gives online tutorials on subjects like Math and Science in Urdu. These are the kind of subjects which require a lot of concentration to understand and most of the students prefer to learn it practically with the teacher. But Rizwan on the other side gets about 9 lakh views on his channel, which clearly indicates that students are really getting what he tries to convey.

He teaches such tough subjects online in the Urdu language and this is what makes him a unique tutor.

Sameer Sayed a senior teacher and a parent  said that all the teachers are not technology friendly but these Youtuber teachers are doing great job by uploading teaching content  for free to all .

Sameer further said that the content they are creating will help students learn and parents teach their children. Teachers from various locations are getting benefitted. Their contribution in this tough time will always be remembered.

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  1. We the group of BMC Education provided free online Education for Four Medium and 1 to 10 students from Licensed Zoom version as well as YouTube

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