Mehbooba assures no obstruction of justice in Kathua rape case


Jammu : Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Thursday said there would be no obstruction of justice in the rape and murder case of an eight-year-old minor in Kathua district.

“The law will not be obstructed by the irresponsible actions and statements of a group of people. Proper procedures are being followed, investigations are on the fast track and justice will be delivered,” Mehbooba tweeted.


Her tweet comes after the Jammu Bar Association staged protests against the handling of the case by the Jammu and Kashmir Police Crime Branch. It has also demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe.

Eight people, including the mastermind Sanji Ram, have been charged with abduction, raping and murdering the ‘Bakerwal’ (nomadic) minor in Kathua’s Rasana village in January.

Investigations have revealed that the victim was held in a temple, drugged, repeatedly raped and finally murdered to scare the Bakerwal community out of the village.

Sanji Ram has also been charged with bribing local policemen, including a sub-inspector and a head constable, to destroy vital evidence.



  1. What sort of human beings and policemen are these who torture, starve a 8 year girl and repeatedly rape her for 4 days?

    Which religion teaches so much hate against any human being?
    Then there is a party who dont want the culprits arrested after this crime which would shame the dogs.
    PM is silent, he thinks this is not worth condemning, but he finds time to speak about trade in a convention.

    • It all speaks about how much he means what he says to get votes (rather, vetoes because he dictates). Had he been serious about governance things would have improved. After 4+ years, he has little to justify his success. His administrative skills have brought in people like Yogi. That shows his agenda. If 31% does not become 13% in 2009, expect much worse to come.

  2. Don’t expect anything from the Pagal Manva. Silence on crimes on the part of authorities only proves their complicity. First of all,all those lawyers who obstructed the investigation should be brought to justice and their degrees cancelled. Police men who likewise should be dismissed from service besides both police and lawyers being put behind bar. Those who raped should face life imprisonment and the murderers hanged.


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